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Wood clearly isn't a part of their target population.
Cellulose is a major component of for example wood and cotton.
Made of wood and rawhide, these traditional snowshoes go back to prehistory.
With each stroke, his hands and arms struck the jagged wood strewn through the water, while his injured leg dragged along behind.
Make display frames out of wood remnants and celebrate small plants as living art.
At first, it's odd, hopping on a bike frame made entirely of wood.
So he went to his workshop and made a dozen sets out of wood.
Much of what wood floors require is inherently non-toxic because it doesn't involve any cleaning products.
Replacing wood and coal with electricity could help reduce poverty and pollution.
Dendrochronology can reveal when the tree was felled by counting the number of rings in the wood.
Build a wood top and use a pair of ceramic pots for legs.
Wood says he's trying to study more natural feeding behavior.
Wood storks are ideally suited to their wetland homes.
Wood smoke from backyard fire pits can cause health problems such as burning eyes, runny nose and bronchitis.
Nearly all day and night, red- and yellow-swathed bodies burn on wood funeral pyres.
To discourage rot, the arbor rests on bricks to keep its wood base from touching the ground.
Wood must have known his talk was going to be controversial.
The wood is treated with a coating that makes it resistant to insects and mildew.
Transporting and erecting those extraordinary stone statues required a lot of wood.
The brown-backed, speckle-breasted, eight-inch wood thrush only looks drab-all of his beauty is concentrated in his voice.
We first started by burning wood and other organic matter, then added in whale oil.
The wood resisted rot and warping, making it a favorite for fencing, utility poles and furniture.
The wood can be stained or left unfinished to weather naturally.
And look for wooden pegs rather than nails in the soles: when wet, the wood expands and contracts with the leather.
Wood frogs can weather winter's ups and downs by literally freezing and thawing in step with fluctuating temperatures.
When the wood is gone, the concrete will still be there.
Check out other some of the other sci-fi wood structures after the break.
He even owned the forests that provided the wood for the boxes in which his veg was packed before he processed it.
Using the sun for cooking reduces the need for the coal, wood and natural gas that power traditional stoves.
The additional torque required to drive wood screws bogged it down, draining its battery in a hurry.
The drugs smelled odd, thanks to traces of chemicals used to treat wood.
Wood compost containment bins keep compost confined during the decomposition process.
In mountainous regions, too, gazogenes firing wood allowed total autonomy of supply for forestry machines.
The only western maple with wood of commercial importance.
These could also be joined by other methods or made from larger pieces of wood.
Use screws to fasten the plates or braces to the wood.
Because it's hollow though that small little straw, and not even as large as a pencil, piece of wood is going into the borer here.
For example, what category is a wooden spoon in, wood or spoon.
On average each elephant spent six times as much time examining tusks as wood.
Even more maddening, the wood above and below the rot is nearly always perfect.
These products reduce the impact of logging by blending plastic with wood fiber.
The brine also attracts the delicate, not the bitter, flavors of smoldering wood chips.
Many bees make themselves at home in holes drilled in wood blocks.
For even spacing, measure the distance between plants with a piece of wood of the desired length.
Screw the molding to a fabric-covered wood panel sized to fit the bed.
Don't cut into bare wood beyond leaves-plant may not send out new growth.
Pots made of thick plastic or glazed terra-cotta retain moisture well as do wood tubs.
The dining room table is made with wood recycled from a bowling alley.
But you could make the screen larger or smaller, depending on your situation, and the frame could be wood instead of steel.
Rugged as the town was, the name referred not to tombstones but to the slabs of rough wood used in building construction.
The wood fuel for the kiln consists of culled trees and deadfall from the surrounding forests.
Most days-knock on wood-life itself presents enough to humor us, but there are days when you need a jump-start.
There are bathrooms and a cafeteria at the site as well as a fire pit for overnight campers, who must bring their own wood.
They used a flat piece of wood for a bat and a rolled-up wad of cloth for a ball.
Red oak is known to be a more porous wood and therefore more likely to leak.
In those days, paper was manufactured from rags, making it far more expensive than the wood-pulp-based variety that would be.
Yet, many of you dolts still can't believe someone can make geometric designs with rope and wood while stepping on wheat stalks.
As the population increases, so does the need for homes which are predominately made of wood.
Most of these farmers are poor, they can't afford grand fences made of wood and steel.
Of course, they may have used sophisticated wood or bamboo tools that have decayed.
The coffee shop was in a beautiful historic building with wood floors and brick walls.
But for all that wood, the house doesn't get larger.
Lofty mission statements aside, the principal commercial goals of arboreal genome research are faster growth and more useful wood.
Moreover, at the end of its life, wood that has been treated with preservatives in this way needs to be disposed of carefully.
But there is a danger of missing the wood for the trees.
Some cars have crank handles, or are powered by wood-burning stoves.
Several hundred years off the tree has made the wood dry and light, and constant use may have changed its qualities.
As they get older, redwoods produce more wood, and better wood.
Chemicals in a wood frog's blood allow the frog to freeze solid during the winter and still survive.
In the experiment, the pachyderms paid little attention to the wood.
Perhaps even more worrying, the pythons may be preying on native mangrove fox squirrels and wood storks.
The box holding the bottles had long ago disappeared, consumed by wood-eating mollusks.
Logging operations, which provide the world's wood and paper products, also cut countless trees each year.
If you want wood and stone you can get them in plenty.
Pour a thick-walled foundation, and build a wood house on top of it.
We hear in detail how he split logs into planks using a system of wood blocks, an axe and an iron wedge.
He did it without so much as setting foot in a wood shop.
They're made of wood and fertilizer, so metal detectors are close-to-useless.
The only way to move the heavy, wood-frame beast is on wheels.
Many of us have wood decks which could be used for planting.
Trees do a lot for us: provide wood, improve health, even clean up the air.
So he tried different approaches until he managed to build a camera out of the lightest material he had available-balsa wood.
So as to trying this out at home, be sure the charcoal is wood-based.
To make the axles, use a wood screw to hold the center of each can to a half-inch-diameter wooden dowel.
One boron compound is used to treat wood to prevent fungal decay and repel carpenter ants, roaches and termites.
His conclusion was that it had to do with a low frequency noise produced by wood expanding near an old fashioned furnace.
Solar happens at peak power needs and it can be fed wood pellets if needed and the sun don't shine.
So you invent scrubbers which can be done by nature alone by restoring farmable land and reduction in wood usage.
Try it again and have one group chop wood, while the other inspects the log.
Environmentalists prevent us from using down timber from national forests, so the wood rots.
US law requires less formaldehyde in wood products.
Musical instruments don't use much timber, but when they do, it's usually prized wood.
Wood was used for everything-it was the cornerstone of the economy in the same way that petroleum is today.
It cracked through the thin wood door of the back closet and the heavy pointed hook drove through his heart.
All these delicacies were cooked in ovens fired by wood from the island's forests.
But when they were knocking acorns off, people would also knock off dead or diseased wood, a practice that stimulates new growth.
Try living in a closed hut breathing wood smoke six months a year.
The shelter will have wood-heated steam baths, a gravity-fed sewer system and a permafrost-chilled cellar.
Again, a valuable worker, but on this one he's in a dark wood wandering.
Air travel grew from canvas and balsa wood to supersonic jet fighters.
Wood and his colleagues will also need to develop software routines for the fly so that it will be able to avoid obstacles.
However, wood has a finite life whether in buildings or in the scrap heap after the building has been torn down.
Installing one of those prefab, snap-together wood-flooring kits is a lot easier than shaping and sanding rough planks.
Imagine the entire wasted wood product from any disaster.
They wouldn't have to worry about dry wood being available.
He sat at the fire-place, and threw in some more fire-wood.
So might a carpenter, looking at the moon, suppose that it is made of wood.
The mountainous regions have less pressure of population and more access to wood.
They were next door to each other, and they had virtually identical bamboo-and-wood decors.
No wood for hot water, so had to use ashes and lye again.
Then someone reaches out and pushes a little piece of wood two inches.
Inside, the fragrance of the flowers mingled with the odor of wood smoke and mildew.
Metal is now displacing wood in aircraft as it has done in the automobile.
The walls are decorated with brocade and wood panels.
Monkeys are no longer fed from bowls but forage happily for food now hidden among the wood chips and foliage.
Fire-prone, wood and brick buildings were replaced with six-story towers of concrete and steel.
The idea is that there's a lot of dead wood out there and people should be constantly moving, in lockstep with the market.
Today people improve their lives through environmentally sustainable projects, such as tree nurseries and wood lots.
Wood product hazards are addressed in specific standards for the general industry.
One major use includes the production of wood binding adhesives and resins.
Smoke is made up of a complex mixture of gases and fine, microscopic particles produced when wood and other organic matter burn.
Wood is largely cellulose, and cellulose is polymerized sugar.
Regulations concerning wood smoke pollution vary by source.
Wood smoke air pollution from these devices can be a significant air pollution and public health problem during the winter.
Wood or paper fibers remain and the fiber is pressed through rollers that squeeze out.
Autry began by sculpting bronze and other metals, then branched off into stone, ice and wood.
Normal rainwater will not harm the wood that is used to build homes.

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