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Example sentences for wont

When they retire, and they have already started, they wont decide to retire and sell everything and go to cash.
Part of me doesnt buy it because you can put other objects in coke and they wont do the same thing.
Moderate honors are wont to augment, but immoderate to diminish.
Folly is wont to have more followers and comrades than discretion.
Less so for the people, but it can be argued that people squandering their savings on gambling are wont to do so elsewhere anyway.
The last sentence of this article sums it up well: auditor rotation wont make much of a difference.
In times of uncertainty, the regime is wont to appeal to nationalist sentiment.
If its too cold he wont go outside but in the laundry room.
People wont want to buy a product if they think it will make them sick.
In addition she soiled her crate and seems a bit sad and now she wont go near it.
He runs away if you come close to fast and he wont come down the hallway at all for some reason.
Short term stop-gaps designed to make those currently in charge feel less impotent wont work.
If it is acting as a tuner, then there wont be a need to measure the capacity in power of bytes.
It is unfortunate that politicians wont get off their butts and do something right for the people.
They will claim they are, come up with excuses and it wont be enforceable.
People wont have their health or beautiful land, and their aquifers will be needlessly poisoned.
There wont be any more airlines and much less pollution.
Oil products wont run out because they can make them these days.
They wont wear out as quickly and are probably safer than using chemical batteries.
Entanglement wont send the validation of instantaneous response.
It wont reduce costs of building a re-usable vehicles.
Cuomo, as is his wont, gives no clue to what he is thinking.
During feeding, the whales mouth is open a lot so it wont get hypothermia in the cold waters.
Naturally, if there are no birch trees nearby to provide seed, you wont see birches arriving.
Most people wont change their mind simply because they are told it is wrong.
Speak out all you want, it wont make you any more important.
Its not the first and wont be the last time this has happened.
So the lack of motion wont flow into areas of higher motion.

Famous quotes containing the word wont

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