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Example sentences for wonderment

They will look at each other in wonderment, then at you.
Might have been more interesting to learn something about each team, who chose each theme and why, over random wonderment.
Besides heavy science, there's the wonderment of it all.
Yet his wonderment and exasperation at what he reads is palpable.
It's easy to see why: they offer none of the thrills, few of the guffaws, little of the wonderment or shock.
However, hundreds of thousands more visit every year to experience all of the culture and wonderment that the city has to offer.
Popular sci-fi today is rarely about the joy of exploration and wonderment of space.
Most humans experience awe and wonderment when they see the stars.
She actually sniffed me once, and the look on her face was a wonderment to behold.
The wonderment, etc part is secondary to above process.
At first, their elders looked on with wonderment and apprehension.
They remind us that art is a wonderment defying logic.
The magnificence of these mountainous regions imparts an indescribable feeling of awe and wonderment.
Here visitors' cannot help but find their eyes drawn upward in wonderment.
She has captured the feelings of wonderment, awe, knowledge and joy in the four figures.
It is a continuing sense of wonderment and delight when it all comes together and a painting emerges.
Inquiry learning promotes creativity by increasing motivation, wonderment, and curiosity.
He was here right at the beginning of engagement, and he was really expressing wonderment at how much progress had taken place.

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