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But far more are likely to be frightened, which is why she probably won't.
We think he avoids coming up so that his in-laws won't put him to work on something.
Finally, the time has come to run the race, which won't be easy.
Regular fliers won't be surprised by the report's negative tone.
Know before you go: budget and safety tips that won't limit your park experience.
Perhaps they're initially targeting vehicles that won't require well-balanced tires.
There's no reason they won't have a video camera located in a buttonhole, maybe even a video projector.
Scientific expertise alone won't get you a research grant.
According to these measures, they won't be high enough for some time.
Genetic testing should provide the answers, but it won't be soon.
And no, won't replace sleep labs for diagnosing sleep disorders.
Sometimes you won't hear back until the whole search is concluded.
Unconventional monetary policy can help some but won't be enough either, and fiscal policy will be needed.
The advice that a watched pot won't boil may ring true in your kitchen, but in the quantum realm, anything goes.
Too little and you won't have enough fuel for endurance sports.
As memory demands grow and devices shrink, current storage techniques won't cut it.
If people don't spend time with nature, they won't develop a relationship with it and be good stewards of it in the future.
The dressing won't stay blended as long, but it certainly simplifies the process.
Colleges face a challenge to masculinity that bulging muscles, rumbling voices, and jacked-up pickup trucks won't remedy.
Although much of what ends up in landfills is biodegradable, it won't break down if it is not exposed to air and moisture.
They seem to know if they can trust you or not and if they don't trust you, they won't come around you.
She may be making history, but she won't be talking about it.
But many conservationists and financiers won't wait: they are devising tree-saving ideas of their own.
Even dredging and digging up the contaminated areas won't help.
If you buy an infected rose as a bare-root plant, you won't know it has the virus until it leafs out.
As for dorms and faculty housing, unless a miracle has taken place recently, he also won't get that.
It traps and holds water, so the cactus won't dry up.
They won't all be the same, but they will probably trend toward some particular end.
Travelers won't find many roadside shrines along interstates.
Better yet, remove any sensitive data that won't be needed on your trip.
If any of those elements are missing, a fire won't burn for long-and won't start in the first place.
We take it for granted that our hair dryers won't send us to the emergency room and our toothbrushes won't make us go numb.
But now, finally, there are batteries that won't fade to dead.
The new self-coiling hoses won't tangle or kink, and they store neatly, but they aren't flawless.
Protection will help ensure that bleaching events won't be compounded by polluted runoff, over fishing, or eager tourists.
So maybe one day you won't have to settle for flaccid, featureless fries with your fast-food meal.
But you can't stay insulated here, because the penguins won't let you.
But it's being marketed as a booster for a kind of workout you won't find at the gym.
But even if you're driving straight from home to your picnic site, odds are it won't make it.
High temperatures won't damage it, so you can put hot pots and pans on the surface.
There are a lot of mosquitoes out there, and elbowing them out won't be easy.
But no matter how useful computers become, they won't replace human fossil hunters anytime soon.
Best to choose a site where litter from fruit and birds won't be a problem.
Ideally, future centenarians who avail themselves to life-prolonging advances won't suffer the familiar frailties of old age.
They likely won't be the same as appears in the magazine, but hopefully you will have a selection to choose from.
If the reactor uses safe technology it won't be economical.
If you add the sugar too fast, the granules won't dissolve and the bubbles will be uneven.
We won't be hearing from them again until the spring.
While they won't tolerate as much foot traffic as a lawn, a few low-growing ground covers can take some traffic.
Steak, potatoes, and chocolate won't cut it for this dad.
If your town won't give you another extension, go ahead and add more two-inch plants.
We won't be eating healthy chickens or eggs if it is a bogus trend.
The truth is that sometimes applications won't present themselves for years or decades.
Others won't care about the birds and other animals.
Pack the jars tightly enough with vegetables that they won't float when the pickling liquid is poured into the jars.
The emperor's importance as a seminal figure of history won't be diminished.
Maybe you'll convert your car to run on vegetable oil or something else, but you won't be on solar or hydropower for a while yet.
We all learned that you take one selling idea and you hammer it over and over again, otherwise people won't get it.
In the corner of the dimly lit room, in the only operating chamber, a single bat survives-but it won't live much longer.
Unfortunately, your biased article won't help inform anyone of the facts.
Because if you don't enjoy it, you won't do a good job and you won't learn science.
Predictably, there will be a lot of palaver about whether this is the right way to do science or medicine, but it won't matter.
Football won't be banned anytime soon so better helmets are the way to go.
We probably won't be staying in resort hotels, either.
But for cardiac wounds that time alone won't heal, science has made some major advances.
With your nose held, however, you won't notice the strawberry odor.
It won't do you any favours with the referees won't see it.
Wear comfortable garments you won't have to tug at or straighten.
College development officers won't be too worried, though.
If you won't make some big changes, then you're wasting my time and yours in this course.
There is a reason you won't see the headlines you suggested.
It's the last refuge of people who can't or won't make their argument on the merits.
Business does not cater to people with different working styles: it fires people who can't or won't adapt.
Also, you might find ways of letting some things slide a little that won't do any harm, but will make your life easier.
And it won't be to people who have even heard of multi-tasking.
Red wine won't overheat in the summer, and white wine won't get too cold when left in an ice bucket.
But bibliophiles won't have to find a new hobby quite yet.
Without a follow through from household and business spending, the industrial sector won't be providing much oomph to the economy.
Before spreading nuclear materials to more countries, best to ensure they won't fall into the wrong hands.
And don't make the mistake of thinking that if dolphins are present, there won't be any sharks around.
And when the summer games are over, the building won't stand empty.
Martine is especially worried that the kids at her new school won't accept her and that her traditions will be too different.
It is sizable but you won't need to carry it long distances.
It won't take long but will show them why the polar regions have opposite seasons and why one is dark while the other is light.
Sea turtles need dark beaches for nesting and won't approach bright lights.
But you won't see colored streamers or a ball drop around here anytime soon.
With a tradition so deeply engrained, it won't be easy.
If a military strike won't accomplish that, it should not happen.
But others are still looking for work and stuck in a labor market that won't have them.
Developments over the past twenty years show that the experts were right in thinking that population won't keep going up forever.
Our objective is a limited staff reduction that won't affect the quality, ambition or authority of our journalism.
And it won't by itself undo centuries-old ways of doing things, or precipitate anything that isn't already poised to happen.
So here's a low-cost plan, even if it won't win envy points at the country club.
There are various ways to go about it, and one size won't fit all.
But they may be paid far less, and for many it won't be a full time job at all.
Second, the super committee's failure won't have much effect on the deficit.
The narrator tries to invent a new language that won't sicken people.
Moreover, it won't be easy to identify a solution everyone can live with.
Couples with no obvious risk of genetic disease won't want to take even the slightest risk by allowing extraction of a cell.
So if you're worried they won't evaporate, then you shouldn't be worried they'd be created in the first place.
The extra hour of light from daylight savings time won't burn the crops, but this might.
They will try to mate with either one and won't fight other males.
It's a bit of a pain and won't really affect people much, but if it weren't done things would get messy eventually.
Olson's apparatus won't work for generating commercial power because it takes more energy to run than it produces.
One problem is that often researchers won't tell us what a simulation didn't do.
Won't be long before they are roped off and souvenir stands pop up.
It won't help you design an airplane that can slip through the air more smoothly.
If the particles don't come close enough to one another, they won't entice one another to cough up photons.
With obesity, it's easier to think you won't be the one that gets the health complications.
Why getting more gadgets won't necessarily increase our well-being.
Fuel standards will likely be achievable but won't encourage innovation.
However, you won't find these coatings on your next iPod.
The average homeowner probably won't be able to afford smart windows until the market becomes saturated.
The world won't run short of petroleum in the next few decades, but there's a limited supply of easy-to-reach oil.
If doing so means that the vehicles won't sell, then securing the technology is a moot point.
It could also make it possible to destroy tumors that are inoperable or won't respond to current treatment.
Many renewable energy projects simply won't go forward without some sort of access to tax credits.
For example, if there are too many people accessing the same cell tower, people won't actually experience the top speeds.
Our editor in chief thinks you won't read this article online because long-form stories function better in print.
They work, but won't last as they are effectively monolayers of surfactant.
If a disreputable editor changes something, the original author won't necessarily lose many reputation points.
Programmers getting smarter won't happen magically, so what will make them do the work.
The purchase point will still have info on you, that won't change or increase with this device.
And if you don't spend it, you won't get more of it.
Woods' carefully scripted face-the-music moment won't change many minds by itself.
If the first company won't pay, then no other company is going to take you as a customer because you're already sick.
But as has been anticipated, the swan paddle boats won't be back.
Although you might meet up with charming people and have romantic moments, you won't be in charge this week.

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