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Many government-relations officers are lone wolves with no professional or support staff members.
Putting wolves among sheep is misguided, foolish, and counterproductive.
He points out, though, that the huge amounts of data do not favor lone wolves.
Wolves, hibernating animals, spitting cobras and more.
But now aspen in some areas are making a comeback-thanks to wolves.
Yet a generic dog can mate successfully with wolves it encounters.
So you tell me there are wolves on the mountains and foxes in the valley.
The party got seventeen wolves, three coons, and any number of rattlesnakes.
Better to stay behind the frozen gate than to come too early up into realms where the wolves of cold are still aprowl.
The gray timber wolves also join in twos and threes to hunt down and hamstring the elk, if other game is scarce.
If he is not ready to throw former pals to the wolves, the fund can wait.
He can calculate how many wolves a given area can support too, in part by counting the number of deer.
So naturally their concerns are going to get thrown out of the sled when the wolves get too close.
Among the villains, on the other hand, of these dinner-table legends were wild boars and wolves.
From their lonely howls to their noble profile, wolves spark fascination and sometimes fear in people.
Kids can print detailed illustrations of gray wolves and other animals to color or use in school projects.
Coyotes are smaller than wolves and are sometimes called prairie wolves or brush wolves.
Whatever the reasons, humans are at war with wolves.
But wolves are still wolves, killing cattle and elk.
Wolves at the center are provided with food, but wild populations generally hunt in packs.
Coyotes are smaller, more solitary relatives of wolves.
Wolves are also sociable creatures, so this sounded a likely idea.
The drooling wolves of the press lope through the murk and every so often, as a pack, raise their muzzles to the moon and howl.
Sceptics point out that wolves might not do much for tourism if a hill-walker got eaten.
He advises avoiding lone wolves and backing fully formed founding management teams instead.
Next to the tile-roofed house there stands a copse of trees in which a pack of wolves is sleeping.
Bigger than coyotes but smaller than wolves, their howl is high-pitched and their diet includes deer and small rodents.
Alas, it has come to my attention that there is an animal that has killed more than all of the wolves and rattlesnakes combined.
Residents said they feared wolves would begin to venture into residential areas in search of food.
They become little squirrels, yet can live in the pack of wolves they run with.
He dreamed of an iron wolf with a howl as loud as that of a hundred wolves.
Wolves are highly social animals, and the family structure is focused around the pack.
Red wolves are smaller than the gray wolf but larger than the coyote.
In the wild, red wolves normally establish life-long mates.
Tags purchased for trapping may be used to take wolves through hunting where and when the wolf trapping season is open.
During the past three years, there have been many changes to federal and state regulations overseeing wolves and wolf management.
Thousands of years ago a few bold wolves moved into a human encampment, and human lives have been richer ever since.
At some point in evolutionary history dogs diverged from wolves thanks to domestication by humans.
The two scientists point to the results of studies comparing the cognitive abilities of wolves and dogs.
Eg dogs, wolves, coyotes are all different species but they can interbreed.
It might actually be better for them to stay close by than to move to an area where the local wolves may be hungrier.
Wolves, for example--the probable ancestors of dogs--live in packs that hunt together and have a complex hierarchy.

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It is impossible you should see this, Were they as prime as goats, as hot as monkeys, As salt as wolves in ... more
Pray you no more of this, 'tis like the howling of Irish wolves against the moon.... more
There are wolves in the next room waiting With heads bent low, thrust out, breathing At nothing in the dark... more
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