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Besides that, it's as if you've suddenly woken up to all those things you usually let slide.
The rest of the world has woken up to the newcomers in the past couple of years thanks to some huge cross-border deals.
Yet countries have only gradually woken up to the importance of learning the local language for economic and social integration.
The government seems to have woken up to the danger and has increased spending.
They have woken up to the varying risk of sovereign default across the euro zone.
And they still have not woken up to the fact that all people are not made to live together.
It is a financial crisis because lenders have more or less woken up to the fact that government debt is not risk free.
Where you're right is that this was a dream that's been woken up.
They haven't woken up to the information-age reality.
Now they have all finally woken up and are paying attention.
Hopefully your partner will enjoy being woken up by your kinky activities.
We were woken up by howler monkeys, who get their name for obvious reasons.
Getting woken up in the middle of the night by sick riders.
Unfortunately, she had woken up a bit earlier than normal and was also dealing with a nasty cold.
The shrill ring of her call had woken me in the night.
Anyone who has ever woken up dehydrated after a night of heavy drinking knows this feeling as a hangover.
She heard him knocking and didn't move from her bed, half-imagining she dreamt the long-awaited sounds that had woken her sleep.
He was woken in his dorm room by a policeman who arrested him.
Then again, she had woken up in bed, not on the floor.
Half an hour later, they were sent to sleep and half of them were briefly woken up with blue light every minute.
Disease by disease, scientists have woken up to the external politics that drive funding for research.
The ballerina had woken up one morning with an agonizing pain in her foot.
Someone may be overdosing if he or she cannot be woken up with a shake.
He is nocturnal, so he must be woken to commune with his dramatic muse.

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