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And she went out every night and slept on a lava bed for seven years so she could be there in the morning when the spider woke up.
He woke up this morning sad with tears welling up in his eyes.
When he woke up, he found an empty cell and two discarded hand saws.
Then woke up this morning and walked around whats left of the town for a little while and took some pictures.
There was such a noise that the canary woke up and joined in, but his remarks were in verse.
The following morning the king's generals woke to find that their quarry had slipped away from them.
Till they woke and were still, breath-bound with waiting and wonder and fear.
The father woke and noticed a bright light coming from the adjoining room.
Tylenol brought the fever down, but she woke up the next morning vomiting and feeling achy and weak.
The plan of action went well until one day the townspeople woke up and found the horse had died.
Amazingly, something woke up and began propagating in the petri dish.
He woke up late and, while unloading the car, discovered the steering rack was leaking.
Today, the people who woke up on the unfortunate side of that hierarchy have become angry.
But after two hours he woke up, groggily finished his meal, and later trotted off into the sunrise.
But the next morning she woke up in her empty house and felt so depressed that she unpacked everything.
We accidentally woke up this leopard while he was napping in a tree.
We woke up the morning after the rains to howling offshore winds.
The birds woke us at five with a pleasant racket in the trees, the sun came up, and our experiment began.
One day he woke up and started being mean to other dogs except our other dog and the neighbors.
But after two hours he woke up, groggily finished his meal, and later trotted off into the sunrise.
In the cinder-block motel room he set the alarm, but his own stertorous breathing woke him before it rang.
Early in the morning-she woke up hours before the world woke up-she'd hitch her trousers up and face the world.
But my downstairs neighbor woke me up in time for the second.
When he woke up the next day, he found that his editors had recast the story.
But when he woke to another luminous morning his confidence returned.
They vanished into the oubliette of a binge and woke up alone in a suddenly unfriendly community.
He woke up, took copious notes, and returned blissfully to sleep.
Two weeks later, he finally woke up and returned to normal life.
The basic idea is that what would happen if one day, you woke up and all your musical preferences were inverted.
When the subjects woke up, scientists tested them on how well they remembered where each object went.
Woke up in the middle of the night and couldn't go back to sleep.
He woke them up right away, and they started carrying on some kind of conversation with him.
Pretend that one day you woke up in the land of unicorns.
When you woke up this morning, you had your first encounter with farming.
When he woke to the sound of a roar that faded into a cry.
Loud noise or explosion woke husband, went to turn on lights in house, there was no electricity.
One occupant woke to find her bedroom floor on fire.
When he woke up the next morning, he reeled in the fish.

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