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Example sentences for woeful

There is a woeful lack of information on the efficiency of light sources.
They are permitted to remain in this woeful state of ignorance and self-indulgence by their professorial blinders.
They depend on woeful narratives of national decline, of which there is lately no shortage.
As to your earlier point about common ancestry, you again display a woeful lack of understanding of the underlying evidence.
Most parents have a woeful lack of knowledge about basic nutrition.
The woeful legacy of the crisis could be a supersized banking system gorging on the taxpayers' tab.
Health-service delivery is widely considered woeful.
But discord in the cabinet, and a woeful absence of discussion about the budget next year and beyond, have left many worried.
Rather, they are caused by a woeful lack of risk management.
Riots erupted in several cities over the woeful, and worsening, supply of electricity to a rapidly urbanising population.
With fiscal policy inevitably set to tighten in both countries, it is the only way to address the woeful unemployment situation.
We can't get enough information about our commanders-in-chief, yet there is a woeful misunderstanding of the office.
Try as they do, these fellows cannot begin to overcome their woeful lack of criminal coordination and their obvious decency.
To propose an amendment when in fact there is no problem betrays a woeful and unworthy loss of perspective.
But it is also time to recognize its woeful inadequacies and outdated policies in meeting today's health care needs.

Famous quotes containing the word woeful

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