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One method astronomers use is to look for a slight wobble in a star's movement.
Being so bright and nearby would also help researchers detect the tiny wobble a small terrestrial planet would impart.
The twisting makes the matter precess, or wobble, as it spirals into the dead star.
As an object orbits a star, its gravitational pull causes the star to wobble back and forth.
They generate more wobble and obscure more light when they are so close to their parent star.
He bursts into first contact with enough strength to literally wobble his opposition.
Two days after it had opened, with the source of the wobble still a mystery, the bridge was closed for an indefinite period.
Her singing voice, which was never large, is now severely diminished in size and range and has a noticeable wobble.
He practiced daily for more than a month before he could wobble up and down his driveway.
First, the subject of discussion was the wobble in confidence that has taken place over the past year.
Though the sun is not a particularly large star, the wobble-detecting technique works best with stars that are even smaller.
There is also talk of allowing the yuan to wobble a little more in daily trading with the dollar.
Two years after making historic gains in a general election, the opposition is going through a bit of a wobble.
The worry is that rampant commodity prices may cause another wobble in the world economy.
But by stepping in to rescue markets when they wobble, central bankers create asymmetric risk.
The vast majority of the debt is domestically owned, so a wobble from foreign investors would be manageable.
These stats wobble, but the position is relatively stable over the years.
Early in their careers, the duo spent seven years writing software that would let them nail down the wobble with accuracy.
Astronomers can't actually see these planets, only a telltale wobble in the stars that the planets are orbiting.
To my astonishment, the tremor had changed from the coarse wobble to a faintly perceptible side-to- side shaking.
For instance, one with a large twin will wobble through space as the pair orbit around each other.
The planets were found using the usual technique of looking for a wobble in the star as the planets tug on it gravitationally.
Most political reporters and pundits don't notice the wobble yet.
The board is constantly monitoring your center of balance and docking points for every wobble.
They're so uneven that you'd think they'd wobble if set on a table.
Some bar stools wobble, but when the windows are open and the summer breeze wafts in, there's no place you'd rather be.

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Aphorisms may equivocate, but they must not wobble.... more
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