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Husbands and wives committed mutual suicide, stabbing themselves with arrows and knives, or leaping off cliffs.
Soldiers brought their wives and families, and traders brought their wares.
They lied to their wives, to subordinates and to the press.
Meek little wives feel the edge of the carving knife and study their husbands' necks.
He ultimately became king, prepared a royal burial, and gave this gravesite to one of his wives.
In the dim, smoky hut, one of the king's wives boils coffee over a hearth.
Nay the wives strive to be burned with the corpses of their husbands.
He married a number of wives in his declining years, and his life on the whole was by modern standards unedifying.
Even our mothers and wives stretch the truth to make us feel better.
Not only are there hundreds of fishermen out of work, but many of their wives work at local squid processing and freezing plants.
And although their husbands send home plenty of money, they often send it to their parents, not their wives.
They may even write the odd cheque to support their wives' bearded friends.
Most of them long to marry their lovers and enjoy the respect society affords to wives.
Eighty years ago, it was wives and mothers who overwhelmingly took up the slack.
All over the country sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, wives and widows of elected officials were strongly in evidence.
The only crime was workers coming back from three months away being vengeful with their wives for some mischief.
We were good wives and daughters- in- law, good mothers.
By day, the chichi cluster of shops hosts expatriate wives.
Husbands accompanied their wives to help select hats and gowns, and wives accompanied husbands when they went skiing and shooting.
Most of the guys selling hot dogs probably don't even eat hot dogs-they're eating their wives' rice and curry lunch.
Polygamy is rarely an equal partnership and usually involves the profound submission of wives to their husbands.
But again, there is no reason that these artisans necessarily brought their wives.
Since autism doesn't have a known cause, people will continue believing the old wives' tales that vaccines are bad.
The other group is ex-wives, who are numerous in the movie colony.
Their wives still inhabit a strange country, whose language and customs they never mastered.
One emperor is always killing the others, and everyone has five wives or three husbands.
Most of these stories are in the literal sense old wives' tales.
Once here, in the early days, the wives had little besides frugal homemaking to occupy the endless hours they spent alone.
Yet it is only a slight thing that prevents many of them from being folk-tales, or even old wives' tales, narrated by a virtuoso.
Obviously, not all third wives fall into this category.
Ask serious sports physiologists and they'll tell you age is a wives' tale.
There had been second and third wives, because of early deaths, but they had not been allowed to break the aristocratic code.
Hedge-fund managers try to sell their luxury homes, while trophy wives are hocking their jewelry.
After all, her own father had three wives by the time she was in fourth grade.

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