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As clever and witty as his writing is, you probably wouldn't, because there is so much literature to choose from.
The production is witty, clever, and blessedly brief.
He's kind and so funny-not goofy funny, witty funny-and gets along really great with all my friends.
They don't carry many plants, but the few they do have the same witty edge many of their products do.
And that's what makes this book so interesting, it's full of witty asides and opinionated commentary.
Get enough experience in life, and all kinds of wonderfully witty and/or horribly snotty retorts spring to your lips immediately.
The students of today are witty, and way ahead of us.
Teachers who present witty lectures will obviously go over better with parents.
She was the witty lady who took me on a campus tour.
Witty, sometimes bawdy, skater names and costuming lend an air of performance to the sport.
Readers, now's your chance to impress us with your witty captions.
His songs are not only catchy, but the lyrics are witty and memorable.
Joe was a delight, always ready with a witty comment or a simple look that said it all.
She's making her ready: she'll come straight: you must be witty now.
She supported her weightiest minutes with familiar witty little notes.
Update it regularly with brief personal reflections or witty commentary, sprinkled with links to other pages.
Santana's scheming led to some rewardingly witty dialogue, which she delivered with great flare and timing.
For another, they are humorous and often even witty, and show an eye for the telling detail and the encapsulating anecdote.
Things were not all brittle and witty and artistic, in any case.
Certain witty entries were duplicated often, proving perhaps that great thinkers dine alike.
When he is on form, he does this in beautiful and witty prose.
Avoid the temptation to make a witty comment or to lose your cool.
He is also witty and illustrates his text with great cartoons.
When they post under one name they are witty and incisive and with another name they instantly become a troll.
In addition he was an esteemed poet, with a sideline in witty, mischievous verse.
He also set an extraordinary standard for clear, dry, witty writing.
The author comes across as charming and charismatic, and he tells witty anecdotes, even if many illustrate the same points.
His witty and often macabre tales won him critical acclaim and he was a successful short-story writer.
And of course being witty and garrulous is no use in a written science exam.
People in this satire do not so much talk as conduct witty dialogues about art.
Arranged chronologically, many of these bags are imaginative, witty and charming.
Privately, he was witty and generous, listening to opera every morning as he shaved.
He has no viable plan, and witty one-liners aren't going to help him think of one.
His drawings were from the start confident, exuberant, and above all witty.
It must be meant to be sportive, because it isn't witty and it isn't dramatic.
Everyone laughs a lot, but later no one can say what exactly was so witty.
Rob, witty and easygoing, had the advantage of seeming not to be desperate.
When left to his own devices, he favors witty, richly-produced pop songs.
He was also witty, incisive, and charming when he chose to be.
After many sleepless hours, my friend decided on witty outfits for herself and the boyfriend.
He was quick and witty, but not an especially good student.
The episode's first truly great scene, with smart, witty dialogue ping-ponging back and forth.
Pure, witty and unexpected dialog delivered fast and furiously.
For me it's maybe once or twice a month when someone has written something explosively witty.
Reasoner comes across as warm, witty and involved not only with the news but with his audience as well.
There then follows a blizzard of more witty deception.
He is best known and read for his witty and humorous fiction.
Witty copy and bright colors will get noticed and hopefully convince some of those single drivers to change their ways.
Tom is a witty wonk who has made policymaking as enjoyable as his friendship.

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