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Life photographers witnessed events, and they witnessed them up close.
The book offers intimate portraits-fascinating, poignant and often amusing-of the presidents she has witnessed.
The final apparition was witnessed by thousands of locals.
The last decade of the eighteenth century witnessed an increasing attention paid to commercial and financial questions.
And now appeared the first strange phenomenon witnessed by myself in this strange abode.
The contrary movement of words from the legitimate vocabulary into slang is constantly witnessed.
It was the first burial at sea they had ever witnessed, and they couldn't help finding it interesting.
We at present enjoy a free trade throughout our extensive and expanding country such as the world has never witnessed.
The crowd who witnessed this gave a sort of low, universal cry, and rushed from the room.
They witnessed the arrangement of the pulleys, and the manufacture of the thunders.
Our whole army present witnessed this scene without cheering.
So long have they been natives of our area that they have witnessed the rise of a great part of the continent.
But the three friends also spoke excitedly of having witnessed history unfold.
Existing restrictions on our campuses has not prevented the horrible tragedies our friends and colleagues have witnessed.
Its answer is a demonstration, witnessed by your correspondent.
We've witnessed a flareup of distributed anarchy implying an imprecise, but not unfounded contempt for the existing order.
In the face of the implacable evil witnessed this week, the answer may have changed.
Some voters were witnessed casting more than one ballot and others voted by proxy, illegally.
Theories were meant to explain what the economists actually witnessed.
More difficult to let go of was the killing and violence they had witnessed, which had found a way of creeping inside them.
Every signature has been witnessed by a company representative and is marked with their unique hologram.
The people who'd witnessed the scene were dumbstruck.
Either way, it is an intriguing moment, and likely the last in a year that witnessed many unimaginable moments.
We have witnessed that operations done by lone individuals has proven to be much more successful.
Both her husband and the doctors witnessed to the fact that she was in deep pain at the time she was shot.
Already, the country has witnessed an explosion in gaming for seniors and retirement homes.
There he witnessed the fire, soot, and carnage firsthand.
In the impressionable minds of those who witnessed the incident, it remained an evil omen.
Those who witnessed that night would consistently recall how the sky glowed blood-red.
Astronomers have witnessed a cosmic explosion so strange they don't even know what to call it.
Formation of an ocean is a rare event, one few scientists have ever witnessed.
Science is based on experience, on what is witnessed, perceived.
Once the memory is eradicated, the patient is cured of the personality change, and the other changes witnessed can be worked upon.
Medical and other support personnel often witnessed or experienced horrific events.
Instead the teams witnessed ions with zero momentum--indicating some sort of correlated electron emission.
Thus if anyone had been around at the time, they would have witnessed space go from glowing to transparent.
If you have caught a firefly on a summer night you have witnessed one form of light that can be found in nature.
Be captivated by exotic wildlife and see magnificent vistas few humans have ever witnessed.
Remarkably few people witnessed the event, and debate has raged for decades about its cause.
The team witnessed picky, macho males carefully select mates.
Over the past several years, the small-ship cruise outfitter has witnessed a surge in the number of families onboard its boats.
It was the first time they had witnessed such a supply train of poached ivory and rhino horns.
Researchers witnessed a spectacular, fiery underwater volcano explosion, and captured it on video.
Each was a gruesome public spectacle witnessed by a large, enthusiastic crowd.
And then in the next chapter he is briefly preoccupied by what he witnessed.
To expunge the drama of having witnessed a parent's descent into madness one may join the madness oneself.
Thus the lone dissenter had witnessed how the increased awareness of his colleagues intensified their compliance.
Here's a selection of what they've witnessed this week.
Six months later, he confided his troubles to a friend-a firefighter who had witnessed similar horrors.
The half-century that is bracketed by the album and the film has witnessed both the expansion and the degradation of a dream.
And the past decade has witnessed an exoticism that often seems more than a little forced.
It is dawn, and the writer confesses that he has never witnessed an execution.
The next day, his teacher reprimanded the two boys and ordered them to write a detailed account of what they had witnessed.
Many people have even witnessed bolides--exploding meteors--which can light up the countryside enough to cast shadows.
He has moved in stages from free energy to what you have witnessed in this form.
On television alone, the scenes were witnessed that day by an estimated two billion people-a third of the human race.
Visitors to her house witnessed her in core meltdown.
At that time, the show's formerly low bar seemed on the ascent, not in the precipitous decline we've since witnessed.
Parents who lived through the camps were forever changed by the horrors they witnessed.
Despite the fact that law-enforcement officials in five different planes were tailing the jetliner, no one witnessed the jump.

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