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It should bear its own health warning: so sugary that you may need an insulin shot to withstand it.
First, build long-term relationships that can withstand disagreement.
Designing buildings that can withstand such hazards is an age-old art.
All need good drainage, can withstand dry conditions and severe frosts.
The best candidates will probably contain ceramics, which are valued for their ability to withstand high temperatures.
It would appear to me that these folks did not believe their research would withstand scrutiny.
The index seeks to measure a country's ability to withstand crises and to avoid generating them.
Designed to withstand the rigors of serious adventure travel.
Getting algae that are really robust and can withstand true industrial conditions on a commercial basis.
It thrives in moist conditions but can withstand considerable drought.
The late growth will be too immature to withstand freezing temperatures.
And even if they don't burn out, they tend to burn out the people around them, who can't withstand the pace.
Nonetheless, the economy can withstand a pretty dramatic slowdown from this blistering pace before things get dangerous.
But these buildings are not necessarily designed to withstand tsunamis.
Preference goes to those with deeper gene pools, which are deemed better able to withstand environmental change.
The people who swore were able to withstand the ice bath for a longer time.
Indoor plants withstand drafts, some watering neglect.
Your tent needs to be able to withstand high winds, dust storms, rain storms and extreme heat.
Concrete is brittle and requires stable support from beneath as well as reinforcement within to withstand even moderate stress.
But, given all the questions about its methodology, it's unlikely they could withstand legal scrutiny.
Build space probes that will withstand the extreme weather conditions on each of our solar system's planets.
Emphysema sufferers hoping for relief often face painful surgery that's more than their bodies can withstand.
If the research is sound it will withstand the review of any set of reviewers over time.
Big companies have more power to negotiate with suppliers and are better able to withstand the industry's cycle.
Woodpeckers' skulls are specially adapted to withstand the pounding they take when searching for food inside trees.
Current state-of-the-art missile defenses, built originally for airplanes, cannot withstand the vibrations helicopters generate.
They are also easy to raise, and more disease resistant and withstand a wider temperature range than chickens.
Can withstand a torrential downpour with no compromises in functionality.
The kind of seal required will depend on the stress and corrosion it has to withstand.
Withstand the whirlwind of questions and become a weather wizard.
Whales the world over withstand ship strikes, habitat deterioration and declining prey.
If you can withstand yacht envy, stroll the docks afterward and drool over the costly boats.
Infirm buildings collapse each week, sometimes because they cannot withstand the vibrations from nearby construction work.
But for the same reason, a stationary platform would have to withstand enormous pressures from drifting pack ice.
They grow low, store plentiful water in their leaves, and are bred to withstand temperature and moisture extremes.
The result was a composite that was able to withstand twice as much pressure as unalloyed silicon nitride.
The branches can withstand the weight of the birds while the hatchlings are small.
Whoever they were, though, they had an incredible ability to withstand the cold.
Because of their small size and shy, secretive nature, the duikers withstand hunting pressure better than other antelopes.
Ultimately, he and his loyal board were unable to withstand the combined pressure of employee and investor discontent.
Earlier discoveries had been made, but none of the finds were able to withstand scientific scrutiny.
By then, it is hoped, the economy will be strong enough to withstand it.
Dug into the permafrost of the mountain, it has been built to withstand an earthquake or a nuclear strike.
Lastly, the region's physical infrastructure must have the capacity to withstand heavy manufacturing.
Guests sleep in geodesic domes that resemble igloos and are engineered to withstand the area's powerful winds.
You'll need a snow shovel, some warm clothes, and a car that can withstand the snow.
On many stretches the tarmac, laid to withstand only light traffic, has sagged dangerously.
One of the experiments involved giving the subjects carefully measured doses of vodka to see if it helped them withstand the pain.
The new engine takes advantage of advanced ceramics and lubricants that can withstand hot temperatures.
They have to supply an estimate of how much they might owe if those strategies failed to withstand an audit.
They were difficult to fly and were clearly not beginners' copters designed to withstand even the mildest of mishaps.
But the deep-sea cages must be built to withstand the rigors of the deep ocean.
Some of the new trees are also able to withstand the rigors of urban settings and cold weather.
The pared down aluminum frame, he said, is designed to withstand years of use.
Physical universities will withstand the test of time because teenagers need a place to go to become adults.
Studios had to be widened and smartened up to withstand the camera's sharper eye.
Few people can withstand the pressure of suing a large university or employer where they intend to keeping studying or working.
The trehalose made the cells able to withstand freeze-drying.
Most emerging economies are today in much stronger health, leaving them better able to withstand adverse global shocks.
But these bikes are built to withstand high-speed crashes.
And the region is hopelessly ill-suited to withstand a shaking.
Ceramic materials could perhaps withstand such heat, he went on, but they haven't yet been developed and tested.
Though quite hardy they could not withstand the chemicals.
Others conceded defeat because they couldn't withstand the army's tactics of burning villages and turning people into refugees.
The station was designed to withstand a powerful earthquake and also to resist a tsunami.
It gave me a kind of private strength that allowed me to withstand certain indignities, confident that everything was temporary.
Some of the things he did probably would not withstand a legal challenge.
My own faith can withstand the cheap pot-shots of others.
The one remaining question was whether the machinery could withstand long high-power running.
The infrastructure you built is encountering conditions it wasn't designed to withstand.
The composites conduct electricity and can withstand much higher temperatures than the polymers alone.
Cheaper metals simply can't withstand the harsh acidic environment of the fuel cell.
The biggest challenge of all, however, would be developing a flexible pipe that can withstand ultrahigh pressures.
Aging is the degradation of the body's abilities to function, and to withstand changes from the environment.
Gold is a heavy, impervious metal that in a pure state is soft-- far too soft to withstand the gnashing of teeth.
One of the main challenges has been building equipment that can withstand the huge pressures and freezing temperatures.
Big power lines and substations can withstand all the other known environmental challenges.
Large animals do not withstand heavy predation that is why they evolve large size, to makeup for slow reproduction.
For a long time the amount of capital required to withstand a genuine meltdown has been a near-complete unknown.
The base stations are solar powered and built to withstand low temperatures and harsh weather conditions.
When it dries, the fly-ash acts as a tough coating, able to withstand the elements in exposed places.
The index offers a rough ranking of which economies are best placed to withstand another global downturn.
They are already used in motor vehicles for components that have to withstand critical loads.
The acrylic tables have to be durable to withstand fingerprints, germs and the drinks that will inevitably be spilled on them.
His main concern is getting bigger to withstand the rigors of the entire year and to stay healthy.
Some of the sites simply can't withstand public adoration.
Pressure in the cores will climb high enough that the vaultlike vessels will no longer be able to withstand it.
He said the marauders onboard would withstand the siege, and didn't seem in much of a hurry to defuse tensions.
Health security depends on a resilient nation able to withstand and recover from the adverse health effects of incidents.
Such cracking could result in sudden loss of cabin pressurization and the inability of the fuselage to withstand fail-safe loads.
Mangrove swamps are unique for their ability to withstand salt water with only occasional fresh water flushing.
They are designed, built and operated to withstand an earthquake of larger magnitude than any recorded in the geographic region.
The rings must be able to withstand aircraft movement and landings.
They can withstand partial freezing of some body parts, including the head.

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