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My family has now been without electricity, heat or hot water for five days.
Awake surgery is cosmetic surgery without general anesthesia.
For the handful of people without fingerprints the physical impacts are few.
For years, the human brain has been compared to a computer-but it is a computer without a wiring diagram.
They can't stay grounded forever without eventually jeopardizing national security.
Adaptive lenses change magnification without moving.
Sure, as long as it met the standard of the academic rule, without deviance and without question.
As usual, he found them-but not without deep trouble.
Once it nears the surface again, it can flap its tail and taxi without fully returning to the water.
Chances of winning without making a purchase are the same as the chances of someone who buys something.
Applications without unofficial transcripts attached to the application will not receive consideration.
Even without excluding the don't knows, a clear majority favours treating the drug equivalently to tobacco and alcohol.
There are so many ways to evaluate this, that without a testable hypothesis, it will be all random speculation.
But without anything to guide their paths, they walked in circles.
Renewable energy sources, such as solar and wind, generate power without depleting natural resources in the process.
The siesta and mortality in the elderly: effect of rest without sleep and daytime sleep duration.
None of these advances or the suggestion of future advances has come without controversy.
If it does not reach a consensus, the department can draft new regulations without the committee's input.
Tens of thousands of people were left without power, and landslides swept houses off their foundations.
Chemists are usually asked to invent a solution, but without considering hazardous by-products.
That's another reason not to add another graduate degree without knowing clearly where it will take you.
Look at what people feel and do without realizing it.
For best bloom, give as much light as possible without burning foliage.
Perhaps discarded then without a thought, the shoe is not dismissed so lightly now.
There was even room to insert a stairway to the second-floor addition without expanding beyond the house's original footprint.
By choosing smaller projects, she gets to experiment without committing an entire room to a single color or pattern.
For some, even a tooth extraction would be unthinkable without them.
Most prisons don't accept packages without return addresses, and this package doesn't have one.
You'll create a fresh autumnal mood without having to rake a single leaf.
Researchers get a rare glimpse at life without fright.
For the first time milk could be kept pure and storable without benefit of refrigeration.
So he installed fake turf and got the look without the guilt.
The result is the look of nature without the upkeep of a whole pond ecosystem.
Without question, the holidays are the craziest time of year.
It was a nondescript rear yard without a place to sit or entertain.
The sport will not be without some element of danger, but with a good machine this danger need not be excessive.
And tall pots make it easier for gardeners with limited mobility to tend crops without kneeling or squatting.
Now you can have it without having to catch a flight.
Don't dare leave without trying one of these frosty, sweet, and slightly earthy gifts from the desert.
But to end it without doing injustice to the cause will be attended with no small difficulty.
So swift a change of nationality is almost without parallel in the history of literature.
Without a trace, something is causing bees to vanish by the thousands.
These humps give camels their legendary ability to endure long periods of travel without water, even in harsh desert conditions.
We can live without seeing or hearing-in fact, without any of our other senses.
Powerful flukes can propel a whale for many days without a single stop.
All three of you were partially buried, but survived without major injuries.
These can be attached to animals without hurting them.
They can be attached to animals without hurting them.
We'll need to find new sources of energy to power our lives without choking our air.
Have students imagine a day in their lives without trees.
The patient recovered without complications and went home two days later, according to the medical team.
Never leave home without antibacterial wipes, sunblock, and flip-flops.
When mutated, the gene primarily affects language without affecting other abilities.
The centipede is an invertebrate, or an animal without a spine.
It teaches that figures can be stretched without changing their area.
He was without clothes because they were making too much noise.
There are people who say you couldn't possibly get to an interesting musical experience without paying your dues.
It went without saying the portraits should be flattering.
When these skinks encounter cane toads, they eat them without consequence.
In one scene, the tyrant stomps through camp and steps right on the expedition's scientist without a second thought.
And you can arrange your miniature street people in your miniature town square without feeling sorry for them.
After killing a large number of people, he disappeared without a trace.
Oxygen is vital for life-without it, severe brain damage may ensue in as little as three minutes.
In other words, the researchers achieved incredibly localized heating of cell membranes without affecting the rest of the cell.
Without a degree program, you will not likely have much research.
They may not be reproduced online or in print without the permission of the advertiser.
And while many escaped without major damage, some reported extensive flooding in and around campus buildings.
Exacerbating this situation is the fact that even the graduates may have gotten through high school without learning anything.
Without going into detail, they couldn't be further off-base.
And in doing without the usual special effects, this sober, occasionally plodding film takes a huge chance.
They learned to do without and concentrate on taste instead.
Responsibility without conviction is weak, but it is sane.
No one much likes it when something-an empty cab, an out-of-service subway train, summer-goes by without stopping.
The room was impeccable without having reference to any authority that could be perceived as inhibiting.
She knew her father was dead and that they would live their lives without him.
He held them there for more than a minute without speaking.
The intention is to become so adept that the movements recede in one's awareness and can be performed without reflection.
She held them off, without sounding nobly grief-stricken or unnaturally cheerful or absent-minded or confused.
The cheesesteaks here are about a foot long, and they are served without the benefit of being cut in half.
He made it seem as though reading a lot might actually get you laid, without preventing you from joining a rock band.
Next, we'll visit a tiny farming community where local farmers cultivate indigenous ragi grain without the use of pesticides.
Continue to feed dough through rollers once at each setting, without folding, until you reach narrowest setting.
The foundation is a homemade sponge cake, which soaks up all the flavors of the custard without getting mushy.
And without the skillful help they needed, these fine chefs could not be persuaded to stay at a job.
The service publicized users' contacts without asking permission, causing customers and critics to recoil.
And the company never leaves the stage without a few surprises.
Algorithms have become so ingrained in our financial system that the markets could not operate without them.
The authors of a book can explore issues deeply-without being limited by the ticking clock.
Without surgery to open the esophagus he would not be able to eat.
Hardly a day goes by without news of some further disaster wreaked by the freezing up of credit.
Without a bailout, the banking system would have stayed paralyzed and the recession would have been much deeper and longer.
Woods disguised as woods alive without end, and above them birds in flight play birds in flight.
Under certain market conditions, cartels arise naturally without collusion.
They compared these cells to neurons derived from people without the disease.
It shows video in color, and under full sunlight, but without draining the battery.
The goal is to avoid everything coming on at the same time without sacrificing individual performance.
It's our thick cities where it is easiest to live without a car.
The tape, which has been tested in mice, slowly breaks down inside the body without causing any irritation.
Adding solar power to natural gas plants isn't a new idea, but it hasn't been economical without government subsidies.
The researchers can spread the display over a curved surface without affecting performance.
The display can also be folded in half or crumpled up without incurring any damage.
Within a year or two, similar technology could allow electric-vehicle owners to charge their cars without plugging them in.
The experiment wouldn't have been possible without a three-dimensional cell culture.
In fact, without it, it's impossible to sell advertising on a media property.
Reproduction in whole or in part without permission is prohibited.
People bearing the gene are more resistant to malaria than people without it.
Often, they don't disappear completely without a trace.
Autism research is progressing quickly, but without a solid diagnosis, some still blame vaccines.
But again, they have not improved care, and-since surgery is never without risk-have arguably worsened it.
Free radicals are bad: flies live longer without them.
Without it, there's no explanation for much of what they see in the cosmos.
The tricky bit is that you can stick an infinite dimensional space inside of itself without losing any dimensions.
And yet planets move through it without encountering any detectable resistance.
We are investigating a way to reactivate the fear memory by presenting the stimulus, but without the shock.
We try to make a judgment of what dose could be used without causing significant tissue damage.
But even without any tangible consequences, compulsive shopping can be problematic.
Or even if you didn't, because she knows without asking.
Others worry that patients without serious symptoms may be getting the procedures unnecessarily.
Unions thus have a lot of power, but without being representative.
Without a follow through from household and business spending, the industrial sector won't be providing much oomph to the economy.
The latest craze in no-frills accommodation is for rooms without a view-or even a window.
But an undercover federal agent had ordered some orchids from him, a few of which arrived without the correct papers.
During a visit to a southern boomtown he declared that economic gains could yet be lost without reforms to the political system.
Without bank bail-outs the financial crash would have been even more of a catastrophe.
By removing any real human engagement, they enable us to cultivate our narcissism without the risk of disapproval or criticism.
He can, when he wants, theorise without oxygen at any height.
Held without charges for seven years, he was finally freed when a federal judge reviewed the evidence against him.
There are two ways they could make up for the revenue lost without overdrafts: increase fees elsewhere or cut costs accordingly.
They command their own development without even the consciousness that to command costs strength.
He treated his players with respect, praising without fawning and criticizing without belittling.
She has told her story many times and she gets through it confidently, without so much as a shudder.
But no crisis, especially one of this severity, recedes without leaving a legacy.
The makeup they wear has to last all day without creasing or fading.
Instead, it seemed that every idea and action was contrived extemporaneously, and without scheme or strategy.
He was never without a book, and he read voraciously.
In the upcoming season finale, a contestant must race atop a moving train without falling off.

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