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Let us command the respect which is never withheld from those who act a noble and generous part.
On an examination of that instrument it will be found to contain declarations of power granted and of power withheld.
The contract promised that antibiotics would not be withheld.
She withheld full publication until she had checked her work too much to doubt it.
As a scientist, the idea of having any scientific work withheld is one that does not sit well.
They have withheld important information that could have saved thousands of lives.
For now, approvals for new golf courses are to be withheld until new regulations are issued.
The poor reaction in part reflects fears that rescue money could be withheld.
But that refers to ignorance of the law, not ignorance of facts that were withheld.
The state also withheld taxes at source, identified taxpayers by number, and audited suspected tax-dodgers.
The government swiftly changed tactics, and withheld the offshore bill from a vote.
Make sure your employers have not withheld more than that.
Names of the defendants were withheld because they are juveniles or were juveniles at the time and were tried as juveniles.
Most workers who have taxes withheld from their paychecks received the credit through an adjustment in their withholding.
The scholarship money is withheld until the letters are in the mail.
By having less withheld, people can get their money upfront, rather than waiting for a refund.
Information withheld gives a contemporary twist to another basically old-fashioned tale.
Most of it is hidden, withheld by custom, reticence and the cultural habits of gender pride.

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