witches in a sentence

Example sentences for witches

The execution of witches, for example, was impossible to justify once mankind took a scientific approach to natural phenomena.
Even witches appreciate what they bring to a boiling cauldron.
In contrast to these well-controlled drugs, the weed itself is a complex witches' brew of many brain-altering chemicals.
Back then, the leading group on the site was a club for witches.
Apparently they are really only meant for werewolves, witches and the occasional monster.
Each village or district has its own unique costume and the variety is astounding-spiders and witches, animals and jesters.
During the time of the bubonic plague, cats were persecuted along with witches.
The film follows his run-ins with various monsters, werewolves, witches and ghosts.
Legend has it that such birds were once tried as the spirit-partners of witches.
Then a fungus known as witches' broom infected cacao trees and decimated the industry.
Diseases of the chocolate plant including witches.
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