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The holidays bring out the wishful thinker in all of us.
It is wishful thinking at best to believe that the carving depicts a stegosaur.
The deceptions run the gamut from purported natural disasters to wishful news.
At first the prediction struck me as wishful thinking.
The idea behind the super-committee was pretty straightforward, if laced with wishful thinking.
So in a sense, it went from being a cynical story to being a movie about wishful thinking.
Giving a new twist to the phrase wishful thinking, scientists have demonstrated that thoughts alone can enable action.
In this view, notions of technological autonomy are simply wishful thinking on our part.
But there is widespread ignorance about stem cells and wishful thinking about how quickly their potential will be achieved.
Don't dare to use what little logic you have left after a life of wishful thinking.
Many of these comments are simply another illustration of a basic human impulse: wishful thinking.
No architect can afford wishful thinking in his work.
Or, they could do what scientists do and review the science rather than the wishful thinking of the radical right.
And if you don't know, well figure it out wishful thinking is no longer enough.
And this is how it should be, because wishful thinking does not yield results.
There is nothing scientific about this article except for a lot of political wishful thinking.
Both of these bits of wishful thinking are among the few straws left to hold onto.
The name of the game is estimation and wishful thinking.
Adjuncts are often to blame for taking care of themselves poorly and/or for wishful thinking.
Evidence that exposes this bit of wishful thinking for what it is is news as well.
Wishful thinking as the old days are exactly that and students everywhere in the world are now using technology.
Thus it is difficult to tell whether the rumors are based on fact or on wishful thinking.
If this aim is to go beyond wishful thinking, the monitoring must be based on a new and efficient system.
Planning was a matter of wishful thinking, if not outright fantasy.
The belief that such regimes need only a small shock to cause their implosion is probably wishful thinking.
Perhaps wishful thinking that would happen, definitely wishful thinking they would ever try.
They promised to sift nuggets of truth from the slurry of received wisdom and wishful thinking that characterises much aid-talk.
And both sets of plans are based on wishful thinking.
Integrated rural development may sound equitable and effective, but it can be wishful thinking.
But wishful thinking based on a presumption of good intentions is no policy.
Behavioral economists consider an abiding faith in rationality to be wishful thinking.
But any notion that fees will decline in line with ability to pay is wishful thinking.
To move forward, they must coldly distinguish between genuine advances and wishful thinking.
The idea that there is one is at best wishful thinking, and at base a provincial conceit, a delusion rather than a policy.
Some reporters wrote that he was visibly shaken, but this seems too poetic or wishful to have been true.
Anything else called eugenics is either politics or unfounded wishful thinking and has the potential to be morally reprehensible.
To believe in such conspiracy theories, is nothing but wishful thinking on your part.
Few of these plots resemble each other beyond either wishful thinking or confirmation bias of the eye.
Vague notions of random wishful thinking don't cut it.
On one hand you have wishful thinking and on the other an existing vaccine.
Reflexively dismissive and emotional, coupled with a bit of wishful thinking.
Your claim of complex organisms have more backups is simply wishful thinking and not supported by facts.
There are of course, quite a few closer cousins who shamefully prefer wishful thinking over the evidence.
What you say is nothing else than unjustifiable ideology and flawed wishful thinking.
If you go that way all you have is wishful thinking and no explanation.
The authors conclude that the poker incident happened but that the line was strictly a wishful afterthought.
But in a rather wishful ending the villagers decline: they ask the samurai to leave, and the samurai comply.
But until recently, the plan appeared to many to be wishful thinking.
The recession has gone on so long and has been so crippling that the eyes of the wishful begin to play tricks.
In an era of great-power gamesmanship, that may be wishful thinking.
The mathematical illiteracy of the wishful thinkers here is astounding.
National stereotypes and wishful thinking as they impinge on the intelligence officer's views.
The coping process of wishful thinking predicted poorer well-being and less disability acceptance.
Last year's budget was also unrealistic and loaded with wishful thinking, high expectations, and pure fantasy.
It separates real outcomes from wishful thinking, slogans or vague program aspirations.
Wishful thinking and expressions of concern have no impact on disease.

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