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All the wise heads agree.
It's time to wise up.
They want tourism to encourage wise stewardship, not enrich distant stockholders.
The culinary arts that distinguish one nation's cuisine from another's are based largely on the wise use of herbs.
The heart of the wise man is tranquil.
He has made a wise choice in light of his doctors' recommendations.
Take the quail out of the bag and cut in half length wise.
Given the size of those losses, you are wise to be a bit nervous, because you see how vicious corrections in stocks can be.
She played a wise-cracking mom in the comedy about a blue-collar family.
She's always been extraordinarily motivated, business-wise, career-wise.
It's probably not a wise idea to roster too many of the players below, as the reality is that not everyone will bounce back.
Given the heart's many essential functions, it seems wise to take care of it.
The supermarket is where the wise travel detective heads to investigate these and other cultural mysteries.
As always, it's wise to steer clear of the garbage earbuds packaged with this thing and upgrade to a grown-up set of headphones.
She might be wise to make use of her political honeymoon.
Wise biologists do not struggle too much with such questions.
Some might even ask if the new countries are wise to be joining such a troubled club.
To guard against future adversity, they would be wise to seek both kinds of diversity.
But those taking off on their summer holidays would be wise not to switch off their mobile telephones.
It also followed that bubbles could not form-or, at any rate, could not last: some wise investor would spot them and pop them.
But if more bad figures emerge a reprieve on new taxes may prove to be wise.
Cities need wise government above all else, and they get it too rarely.
But monetary policy will not stay so loose for ever, so the wise course is to enact reforms quickly.
Wise firms recruit people on the basis of merit, not blood or background.
Here, too, the wise teacher acknowledges the limits of goodness.
She may be waiting until her resignation is official, which is good, and it is wise to let her continue to do her job.
The wise student, afraid of getting caught, found sources and created a citations page.
Add the student if you think this is a wise choice for the student.
But you'd be wise to do some research if called for interview, so you can talk about this with some knowledge.
Making sure that you are fully in touch with what the people who judge you really think of you is always wise.
If the interest rate on your students loans are low, it can be a wise strategy.
Negotiation wise, you should push to be appointed as high up the scale as possible.
Detailed geological information helps the public make wise choices.
Regulators are responsible for ensuring that utilities make wise investments that restrain the price of electricity.
Some eco projects are wise investments, but the current political climate is throwing money at a wall to see what sticks.
Wise in hindsight: not many more than wise in foresight.
Because it seems that if you ignore the news from the show, you don't seem any less wise down the line.
The question is whether they are possible or wise, which they do not appear to be.
He went from a sleeper pick for the nomination, to a wise-guy's best bet, to a flop.
But in a last word to the wise of these days let it be said that of all who give gifts these two were the wisest.
It might be wise to confine your arguments to those real differences rather than smearing people for slurs they do not make.
It was a phenomenal experience, process wise, in delivering an administration position.
The perspectives are different and a potential buyer is wise to read both.
Yet it would be wise to acknowledge that science can be a rickety platform on which to erect an edifice of rights.
Along with a pen and paper to draw a map of the areas you'd explored, it was wise to keep a dictionary handy, too.
Wise lawmakers know that it is a mistake to promulgate legislation that is impossible to obey.
The summer the book came out was a pivotal time for her, career-wise.
From someone best known as the jester of the royal court, it was wise counsel.
Eliminating dying cells keeps a mouse healthy, wealthy, and wise.
Surely our wise and mathematically sophisticated readers will be able to help.
Among wise an experienced commentators, that is considered a position of extreme moderation.
Uncertainty in intermediate results propagate forward in step-wise calculations.
For the next few days, you would be wise to keep both your wallet and your mouth closed.
Things may not go as planned, and conserving resources is always wise.
It is wise not to initiate important commitments or projects during the next few days.
It might be wise to ignore any temptation that might threaten your financial security.
Sometimes it's wise to not try to do it all yourself.
In short, a clock specialist needs to examine the clock to determine if the works and case match time-wise.
Because other wise your comments on this article would reveal you to be disingenuous.
The wise approach would be a watch and then act one.
We as a race as not wise enough to know what the results will be.
Do not become righteous overmuch, nor show yourself excessively wise.
It is ambitious but would be an appropriate and wise expenditure of government funds.
Even if the robot creeps you out, a laugh track might tell you to feel other wise.
Concept wise neither electric car nor regenerative braking are new.
Everyone was constantly praising him and his brilliance, and he was spared wise council.
Yet a closer look reveals that the wisdom of crowds may neither be wise nor necessarily made by a crowd.
There will be plenty of wise guys equipped with universal wisdom as experts sitting by your side.
So some wise, careful direct government intervention seems required.
The step-wise evolution was seen as the area for mutation was so small.
Wise people will be entertained by celebrities, but not informed by them.
From a marketing standpoint, it was probably a wise move.
For all the talk of profits and synergies, investors would be wise to view these deals with a wary eye.
Out of respect, it's wise to cover up when you are away from the beach.
The more gnomic their pronouncements, the more they seemed to the impressionable to be deeply wise and romantic.
As an author, it seemed wise to go where audiences congregate.
It cannot be wise for all playwrights to submit themselves to a jurisdiction that arrives at such verdicts.
They propose what they think is a wise and accepting superficiality.
Devising his wise policies with the help of experts and technocrats, he simply imposed them on the population.
It is not wise to build a movement for social change on deceit.
One might well ask, however, whether it is wise to take rights all that seriously after all.

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