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To keep predators out, the wire sides extend two feet below ground level, then out another two feet.
The workers started by filling metal frames-each measuring ten square feet-with bottles encased between sheets of chicken wire.
Wire mesh covers the ceiling to prevent big pieces from falling into the roadways or hitting miners.
The hall itself was surrounded by a steel fence topped with barbed wire.
They could be from a run-in with an owl, or a barbed-wire fence.
Outside the window, a barbed-wire fence and jagged log wrapped in a chain dominate the landscape.
They are mine, the old zigzag rail fences, the new barb wire.
Remove loaves at once from pans, and place side down on a wire bread or cake cooler.
The research team tried silicon wire arrays instead of traditional silicon panels.
The microwave field induces a current in the wire, which leads out of the cavity to a series of circuits.
But burning off wire insulation, cooking circuit boards and using acid to extract gold all take a health and environmental toll.
It even shows the little copper coils inside and a wire coming out of the end of the bulb.
The electronic throttle control-the digital fly-by-wire unit that links the gas pedal to the fuel delivery unit.
They could also transport drugs along the wire into the cell and test the reaction from the inside.
If you need more current, you have to wire strings of panels in parallel.
This, to a stranger, would appear to fit well with the copper-wire hair and the close eyes.
The troopers used whips, horses, a hose wrapped in barbed wire.
Fencing livestock enclosures with wire barriers keeps predators at bay and livestock safe from harm.
The new fuel cell uses a unique arrangement of two graphite discs, each containing special enzymes and connected by platinum wire.
He made sure the wire walls were strong enough to keep the cubs from wandering off and coyotes or other predators from getting in.
Some miss their targets, while neighborhood squabbles are frequent on the crowded wire.
There is also a fetal skull with a flexible gooseneck wire.
They wire funds back to their families, and their employers avoid paying taxes on the wages.
Ammunition storage bunkers lurk half buried behind barbed-wire fences.
When served clams sealed with steel wire, for example, octopuses deftly switched from prying to drilling.
The walls are replaced by concrete blocks, wire, or wooden fences.
Messages were transmitted to friends on neighboring farms, using the barbed wire of their fences to conduct electric signals.
Instead of applying a voltage at the gate, one simply bends the wire.
Those magnets infuse the wire coils with energy that can be used to power mobile devices.
Wire a few of them together, and they generate enough power to run a small fan.
It is smaller than other implants under development because it does not require a battery or a wire to take pressure readings.
It doesn't really matter how fast you can send bits down fiber or a wire.
In electromagnetism, the current flowing through a wire creates a circular magnetic field around the wire.
Wire services picked up the photos, which ran nationwide the next day.
As you descend, the wire is pulled out and it spins the spindle and creates an air pressure.
She was kidding some one over the wire, lips smiling.
Ronnie awoke from her wedding night to the sound of workmen surrounding the estate with a barbed-wire fence.
But not much escapes his relentless, wire-rimmed eyes.
They pour concrete, roll out concertina wire, build infrastructure.
But the concrete and barbed wire had already been ordered.
Electrons prised from those ions make a similar journey, but do so in an external circuit, usually through a wire.
If the electrodes are then connected by a wire, a current will flow from one to the other.
All told, the law enforcement agents helped smuggle millions of dollars in cash, and helped coordinate a number of wire transfers.
These include tax evasion, illegal money wire transfers, misappropriation of public funds and nepotism.
Telecom-equipment makers worried that their products would be required to comply with federal wire-tap laws.
Drive-by-wire is not cheap, but it reduces the number of components needed to do the job.
My taxi pulls right up to the high razor-wire fence.
For a moment, the two countries were close to touching the electrified wire.
You'll need an electrician to wire an outlet for the lights before the molding goes up, and have a switch wired to the plug.

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