wiper in a sentence

Example sentences for wiper

It really consists of two electric bicycles joined together side by side with a roof, windshield with wiper and a radio.
My major achievement recently was getting new wiper blades for my car.
With no revenue in sight, the factory shuts down before producing a single wiper.
In the early days of autos, the biggest behavioral concern was whether windshield-wiper motion mesmerized drivers.
The sauces inspire even the headlong plate-wiper to stop, dip a fingertip, and touch it daintily to the tongue.
Tires should be well inflated and wiper fluid should be replenished.
Inspect your windshield wiper blades to see if they need to be replaced.
They rode, watching the snow curve in toward the lights, melting on the windshield before the wiper struck it.
Industrial wiper users may also want to inquire about how the facility manages its sludge.
Windshield wiper solutions may contain methanol, detergent and water.
The spring-loaded wiper arm attaches to and rotates around a long frame or spine onto which a rubber blade slides.
Inspect windshield wiper blades whenever you clean your windshield.
Yet a high-distortion car stereo is the sonic equivalent of streaking wiper blades.
Carwashes leave a waxy deposit on windshields that can harm wiper blades and blur in rain.
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