wintery in a sentence

Example sentences for wintery

After you've had enough rides, you can enjoy a wintery stroll on nearby hiking trails.
But they're richly wintery and so yummy waiting to amuse your bouche in a mug of hot chocolate.
There was a wintery sky and the trees didn't have leaves.
Forecasted wintery mix could affect your weekend travel plans.
We're chockablock this time of year with super-fun wintery shows, arts happenings, and music all over town.
Below are some tips to help prepare for wintery weather.
Holiday decorating goes a long way to help brighten up our wintery days and long nights.
Late in the week the weather turned wintery and temperatures dropped.
By positioning these species on the north and west sides of your house, wintery winds and cold can be minimized.
Step up to the conductor's seat and drive the train through town or take in the wintery scenery from the sidelines.
Research indicates that green lights have a better visibility in snowy, wintery conditions.
Waterfowl hunting in general should improve as more wintery weather develops throughout the region.
The hour-long talk was timely since a wintery mix was occurring in a bordering state.
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