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Example sentences for winterkill

Also, some of the twiggier types show winterkill in the spring and the shrub appears to be half-dead.
Winterkill occurs during especially long, harsh winters.
Many northern reporters stated that it was still too early to tell the extent of winterkill in their areas.
Prolonged periods of warm weather and the possibilities of winterkill may limit any trout population tion.
However, the pond is so shallow that it is susceptible to winterkill, which may periodically impact the quality of its fisheries.
All ponds are subject to winterkill, but not every pond experiences winterkill every season.
Apparently, winterkill conditions have not occurred here despite the shallow depth.
Fall seedlings and rosettes are resistant to winterkill, and flowering plants are resistant to summer drought.
Winterkill is a significant factor affecting deer population fluctuations in northern boreal forests.
Fall planted small grains remain in mostly good condition with minimal winterkill and plenty of moisture.
Occasional winterkill of game fish is considered a problem.
Thus, the best fingerling culture ponds winterkill every year.
Late planted seedlings with poorly developed root systems can be lost to winterkill or frost-heaving.
Planting cover crops known to readily winterkill is another non-chemical means of vegetation management.
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