winterize in a sentence

Example sentences for winterize

Drivers are encouraged to follow these tips to winterize vehicles:.
The following information gives specific tips to winterize your vessel in an environmentally sensitive manner.
Winterize your vehicle now, before winter weather threatens.
Here are a few items that you should pay special attention to as you winterize your vehicle.
Winterize your home to extend the life of your fuel supply.
Some items you can check yourself, but it is best to have a mechanic inspect and winterize your vehicle for you.
Winterize a seasonal home or part of an existing structure, such as finishing a room over a garage.
Fully check and winterize your vehicle before the winter season begins.
It is also important to check and winterize your vehicles before the winter season begins.
Winterize outside faucets and landscape irrigation systems as necessary.
We have made efforts to winterize more rest areas to allow us to keep them open year around.
Contractors are currently working to winterize the construction site, and work will resume next season.
Winterize irrigation systems by draining and shutting off water supplies.
Winterize your vehicle before the winter season kicks in.
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