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Example sentences for winsome

To-day it was the winsome one, bringing always flowers as sweet as herself.
But the future of these winsome primates is in doubt.
Reading vintage bartending manuals can be a winsome treat.
Now it is time to celebrate the saucy little street urchins, the winsome starvelings.
Many actors could have been too winsome or ingenuous in the part of such a professional good guy.
There is an winsome aesthetic quality to scrupulous adherence to the pursuit of scientific truth.
He wished not his view but truth to prevail-which explains the winsome cordiality of his demeanour towards other savants.
The biggest loss, though, is that many of the newer books have edited out the winsome tag lines from the editors and contributors.
Questioning the right of someone to stand somewhere is not a winsome post to write.
She's petulant and winsome, as if her entire life is the result of performance anxiety.

Famous quotes containing the word winsome

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I say he's bonny, He's the flower of them all, My handsome, winsome Johnny.... more
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