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In addition, the winning designer will receive jacket credit on all the series' books.
The emerging economies are winning the currency war.
Strong emotion in these scenes will set winning pictures apart.
But that's not possible, since the lottery corporation needs to control the number of winning tickets.
Only sharp-eyed spectators can tell which one is winning.
Odds of winning depend on total number of eligible entries received.
The loser's brain presents a different pattern-that he's due for a winning streak.
Some of this year's and past years' winning entries appear in these pages.
We've collected a winning lineup of fall recipes featuring the season's star ingredient: the pumpkin.
The winning family can select hours of participation, depending on interest and ages.
Research shows that long commutes affect a team's chances of winning.
Winning videos from other categories can be viewed here.
When traders are on a winning streak, their testosterone levels surge, sparking such euphoria that they underestimate risk.
From winning mates to swinging through trees, tails seem to have endless uses.
Submitting a winning proposal to the right agency can involve trial and error.
It will be seen that the baked apple and the raw egg are near the winning post, the egg being tied by the fish.
Those scholarships can translate into winning seasons and more money in the athletic department.
But winning a board game is a trivial task compared with understanding the complexities and idiosyncrasies of human speech.
Upon winning, a message would go out to every player announcing the winning number for that drawing.
The developer of the device in the winning entry says it was used without permission.
And yet it is too early to say that the government is winning.
And in many cases, the colleges are winning and the adjuncts are losing.
Compare the probability of winning a given poker hand to the probability of winning a given lottery pot.
He now directed his literary activities to the two ends of winning powerful patronage and establishing himself in public esteem.
Odds of winning depend on the number of entries received.
Thousands of compounds might be screened in the lab in search for a potential winning candidate compound.
Because he's winning, his brain sees a pattern and thinks that the winning streak will continue, so he keeps gambling.
For the kids, the two approaches create a winning combination.
And dark energy is also winning against gravity or the whole thing would of collapsed.
Once all proposals are in, they will be evaluated and the winning teams will be tasked with building the actual hardware.
These award-winning experiments demonstrated significant differences in the mental capabilities of the brain's two hemispheres.
The longest winning streak in the history of intercollegiate varsity sports has ended.
Embark on a world of adventure, fully prepared with the contents of this award-winning play kit.
The winning worm is said to forecast the weather for the coming season.
His winning collection differs from the others on the shortlist in a remarkable way.
Two years later, he breezed through his first race, winning by six lengths.
Try your hand at milking a goat, then taste one of the dairy's three award-winning cheeses.
But no matter how their team fares, one longtime group of tailgaters always has a winning lineup.
Her backup position was that she believed if she wrote unreadable briefs she would have a better chance of winning the case.
It has two important, award-winning predecessors-and additional green construction is soon to be under way.
Finally, congratulations to all the writers and editors who produced this year's winning entries.
Adolescents tended to play the winning decks more often than adults or preteens.
All will be interviewed and photographed, and have their winning drawing inside the magazine.
Clearly, the final day's winning bids were pumped up by the jewelry's alluring provenance.
There are two strategies for winning at serious golf.
In the coach's universe, players are naive dupes, to be patronized in the name of winning.
View award-winning photos from around the city and around the world.
But the more that acceptance wins-and it is winning-the more angry obstructionism we'll see from people who still can't accept it.
Or they'll put their motorcycle, or a winning lottery ticket-there are a lot of winning lottery tickets.
The subscriber database for our bi-monthly, award winning print magazine is managed by a third-party fulfillment company.
Ricker says winning the loan guarantee was a challenge.
He pursued that vision in award-winning fashion and with great success.
Let's be clear: winning a particular contest is not, by itself, a scientific achievement.
To do this, the company is working on winning environmental and safety certifications.

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