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Does it mean a bedroom community or agricultural interests wink wink are engaged.
The odd thing is, no one has turned on a flashlight, and no streetlights or house lights wink on around them.
In the wink of an eye, insomnia slips from thought to obsession, from earnest doubt to pitiless masochism and misanthropy.
While this is objectively interesting, the cutesy wink to the reader at the end is both predictable and patronizing.
Scientists have to give a nudge and a wink about possible applications in the future to be a blip on anyone's radar.
He had done this several times before, but always with what seemed a wink.
It's a tingly feeling that starts in the hands, moves toward the wallet, and concludes with a wink.
It's a difficult song, she remembered all the lyrics, and she didn't wink or twirl her skirt at the end.
Acknowledging my dishonesty with a wink didn't make it less a lie.
He took the ice with a rakish grin, popping his suspenders as he skated to center ice and fixing the audience with a wink.
But more than that, the phrase is a wink-wink attempt at distancing oneself from the dirtiness of this town.
Wink was charged with two misdemeanor counts of political solicitation by a public employee.
But that was done with a cultural wink, one that belied the workmanlike ethos beneath the effort.

Famous quotes containing the word wink

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