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Example sentences for wine cellar

Fletcher now boasts a substantial wine cellar, and was thinking of purchasing several cases from his old coach.
Dark, secluded wine cellar, north of the city center.
We had been told that he had an extraordinary wine cellar.
Teddy was worldly, liked the pleasures of dog and stream and wine cellar.
The restaurant's award-winning wine cellar complements fresh seafood, wild game and other dishes incorporating local ingredients.
The building has a revolving restaurant, which boasts the world's highest wine cellar, according to its website.
The family-owned pub offers a wide selection of beers on tap as well as an extensive wine list thanks to its on-site wine cellar.
The inn's pub serves house ales and bar snacks, while the wine cellar offers an impressive list of fine regional vintages.
The resort also offers a spa, a fine-dining restaurant and a wine cellar.
Wine enthusiasts can request to eat in the wine cellar, surrounded by choices from around the world.
Another tour winds through the vast gardens and a greenhouse before heading to the wine cellar.
Special meal service with a private dining menu is available for those who reserve the wine cellar dining room.
The steps descend to an antechamber that separates the press room and wine cellar from the equipment storage cellar.
On the right, two attendants seem to climb from a wine cellar.
The entrance to his underground wine cellar can still be seen to the northeast of the park's pavilion.
The wine cellar is presently used as a storage area.
The cellar under the main house and adjacent wing originally consisted of a large storage room, wine cellar, and scullery-kitchen.
After approval, the wine premises will be designated a bonded winery, bonded wine cellar or taxpaid wine bottling house.
For the purposes of this part a wine premises designated a bonded winery is also a bonded wine cellar.
He further stated that visitors can also take a tour of the wine cellar, which is two stories underground.
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