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Wine in a box makes sense environmentally and economically.
Wine may be as old or older than beer-though no one can be certain.
New research provides additional incentive to do that with red wine.
And chatting with friends at a wine garden is not a special event but a way of life.
If you want to store more than one bottle of wine at a time though, better start breaking ground on that wine cellar.
He was unaware that students had brought wine to the gathering.
Moreover, the state is the biggest vineyard owner and benefits from taxes on wine sales.
Dark, secluded wine cellar, north of the city center.
Archaeologists and physicists worked together to uncover historical information on an ancient wine vessel.
They posed as priests and rabbis to acquire sacramental wine.
The iBar is an essential addition to any lush's repertoire that may already include beer robots and wine braziers.
You'll spend money on wine and cheese and enjoy some hangout time with friends.
Espresso coffee requires as much technology and taste as fine wine.
Study subjects rated the same wine as tasting better when they were told it was more expensive.
In fact, you may not be able to buy your favorite wine at all.
He told each of them the price of the wine in question as he did so.
But those stories usually involve manmade beer or wine.
The tallow was then used to waterproof boats or wine barrels.
Red wine won't overheat in the summer, and white wine won't get too cold when left in an ice bucket.
The serving of bread and wine was limited to the dais and tables one to five.
As if on cue, a local doctor complained theatrically about the necessity of drinking warm wine.
The overall worldwide wine consumption is increasing, although this varies from country to country.
The wine is good, and both cheaper and lighter than the bottled stuff.
Or maybe you're one of the supremely practiced few who tastes his money's worth in a wine.
Energy drinks don't have the cachet of wine or coffee.
In other words, the bottle was protected, not the wine.
Wine can help keep conversation flowing at a dinner party.
Perhaps, they are related to the molecules which cause wine headaches.
For those in outlying areas with minimal exposure risk, one proffered solution might even be enjoyable: drink red wine.
People can make their own liquor in their own stills, their own beer and their own wine.
In that study people who ordered wine were perceived as more intelligent than those who ordered beer.
There is more to life than great cheese, fantastic wine and many weeks of vacation.
Sometimes they pantomime the copious drinking of wine.
My advisor and her husband took me for a lovely dinner with plenty of great wine.
Dozens of wine and beer bottles beside a fully loaded recycling container await pickup.
Overindulging in wine or spirits often makes the following morning much less enjoyable.
But in this podcast, he does recommend what color wine to drink along with it.
The true character of a good wine can take years, even decades, to emerge.
Sunset's new wine area offers plenty of inspiration for your own wine room at home.
Then he signaled for waiters to enter with bottles of sparkling wine on trays of ice.
Put all the ingredients except the pepper and wine into a big pot.
Brown the meat for a few minutes and add the mussels, tomatoes and wine.
The aim is to create a diagnostic nose as discriminating as those of perfume mixers or wine buyers.
One route points wine lovers to fine dining and wineries.
The researchers conjecture that the melatonin might be why red wine helps people relax.
When you cook leeks in wine, they develop great depth of flavor.
It's also wine country, with vineyards that are increasingly destinations for oenophiles.
The faculty protesters said the proposal was essentially old wine in a new bottle.
He developed a taste for fine wine and stylish clothes.
Or there may be a hidden commercial explanation, perhaps involving wine-wary vodka-makers.
Excess of wine neither keeps secrets nor performs promises.
The wine is not drawn off before the end of two or three months.
Cream the butter, add sugar gradually, and milk and wine drop by drop.
The sound of flutes was heard and the odor of fragrant wine spread all around.
Whether or not red wine has unique heart-helping effects was unclear.
It is often argued that more lore attaches to chocolate than to any other human consumable except wine.
Ditto antioxidants found in pomegranates, red wine and licorice root.
Replace red wine with apple juice and omit liqueur to make a non-alcoholic punch.
So, if you over-chill a beer or wine that is meant to be served cool or at room temperature, you could be killing its complexity.
The table contains a spring-fed well, used to cool wine during outdoor banquets.
In fact, the same mental process also appears to drive our appreciation of expensive wine.
As a result, every research advance prompts headline writers to conflate it with wine.
If that's your thing, make a few mugs of hot spiced wine and enjoy the show.
Employees pulled chairs into a makeshift theater, opened microbrews, drank wine.
Noah plants a vineyard, makes wine, and falls into a stupor in his tent.
The plan went ahead on that basis: the wine began to flow, toasts ensued, and everything was going smoothly.
We who are not zealots can rejoice that when bread and wine are no longer sacraments, they will still be bread and wine.
The wine bottles and debris had been swept away, and everyone had vanished.
One of the items taxed upon entry into the city was wine.
He had failed all his examinations but was of a well-to-do family of wine merchants.
Teddy was worldly, liked the pleasures of dog and stream and wine cellar.
Add a splash of white wine to the vegetables in the sauté pan.
If needed, add a little more stock or wine to cover the fish and artichokes.
My mom decided to slow-roast the goose upside down in red wine.
The ever-popular wine bar poses something of a categorical conundrum.
As for the cuisine, it's self-consciously down-market, and in place of an extensive wine list there's lots and lots of beer.
Add one and a half to two cups dry white wine, then return chicken and vegetables and pork pieces to the pot.
The allure of wine for mosquitoes remains, unfortunately, unstudied.
The cop on the beat found out about my wine and started coming in for a bottle every night.
As study after study suggests that wine might have health benefits, beer tends to get the short end of the stick.
One second there was water and the next those who carried the water in drew out wine.
Red wine is a rich source of biologically active phytochemicals, chemicals found in plants.
There's something romantic about sharing a bottle of wine.
Several types of businesses must have a wine tax permit and file monthly tax returns.
Back when wine was an elitist beverage, those dusty bottles labeled with geographic descriptors and family emblems made sense.
One day the products of these two harvests should come together in a wine bottle.
Sparkling returns and increasingly sophisticated platforms have turned fine wine from a cellars market into a seller's market.
Perhaps the ultimate match of food with beverage is cheese with wine.
The keys to wine pairing success here are two: sweet and heat.
The late vintner helped transform this country into the world's largest market for wine.
Cook your mussels in one pot with garlic, fennel seeds, and white wine while your linguine cooks in another pot.
Charring the wine-poached fruit caramelizes it and softens its acidity.

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