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It was a beautiful day, good for pictures and video, but windy enough to interfere with audio recording.
Summers are cool and cloudy, while winters are typically windy and rainy.
In windy areas, stake the plants to keep them from toppling.
In less windy places, use as a tall screen or background plant.
On a windy site, drive in a stake upwind of the rootball.
Spring on the central coast is always windy, but this spring has been one for the record books.
If you are planting in a windy site, drive a stake in alongside the root ball.
Trouble is, the weather is windy and chilly right now.
Sometimes a few days will be windy and cloudy, but these periods of inclement weather usually come and go quickly.
For that reason, these birds prefer to live in windy areas where they can glide on air currents with little effort.
Rising turbine prices and a dwindling supply of windy sites contributed to the country's slowdown.
What is known about the planet suggests a cold and windy place.
It is bitter cold, windy, and he feels helpless against the winter.
There she was bouncing and tearing round after this windy leaf.
The thought of this gentle intelligence falling sixteen floors in the windy darkness is an evil thought.
The trees talk loud when it's windy and soft when it's quiet.
The windy shopping plaza at the center of the estate was largely untenanted.
The bubble was blown off by much older stars that spewed radiation in their windy, wild youths.
So you could check if the beach up the coast is too windy before you head off for the day.
Chinook-speakers offering guests a lavish meal on windy frontier coasts might be thought of as the bigwigs of local society.
Windy introductions to set the geopolitical stage are worthless.
It is better to recognize this fact than to base policy on a windy rhetoric that makes unredeemable promises.
Sometimes it's wet, sometimes it's impossibly windy.
The weather was hot and windy in the daytime and hot and windy at night.
We rolled along steep roads between ice-cold lakes and dry, windy landscape.
Not even a princess is immune to a bad-hair day in windy weather.
When someone finally did, the shrill, windy screech made the spine tingle.
The land is flat to the horizon, scattered with slowly bobbing oil derricks, and always windy.
There is no windy rhetoric or pretentious obscurity here.
The enormous, cavernous spaces are windy and often deserted.
Cold and windy winter weather is one of hands' biggest enemies.
Second test: after a day of windy, dry weather, our skin was chapped and red.
When it's cold and windy outside, indoor heaters leave our skin feeling dry and crackly.
Winter is by far the hardest season on our skin, and the cold, windy air can really take its toll.
Solar power doesn't work at night, and wind power only works when it's windy.
After the sun sets, or during windy or rainy days, whales become especially difficult to see.
However, if the conversation were taking place on a windy street, this sensory input would be destroyed.
Even the scattered approach would only work in regions that are fairly windy on average.
The cow stands facing north or south to provide a shield between windy weather and the nursing calves.
So on a windy day, the cheapest power comes from wind turbines.
But windy spots tend to be beautiful spots, and local opposition bogged down projects.
Clever-except that it was a windy day, and the signs blew away.
He also wanted to explain to other people, without windy obfuscation, what he had seen himself and found out from others.
But if the goal of a billion customers is anything more than windy rhetoric, it will need to start moving more boldly.
He will have to keep a close eye on the weather and navigate around windy areas.
At one point the book's heroine and the innkeeper are forced to leave for some faraway windy place.
As a result, many buildings in windy and earthquake-prone areas are equipped with systems that help them absorb vibrations.
It means keeping a close eye on the weather and navigating around windy areas.
Another enduring challenge for wind power in general is how to capture energy during windy periods and store it for later use.
However hosting them in desserts and windy areas would actually increase costs considerably.
Cold windy places dont get much sunlight but they are suitable to use for wind generation.
Till they cloud the soul in the smoke of a windy fire.
Over the shadowy hills and windy peaks she draws her golden bow, rejoicing in the chase, and sends out grievous shafts.
Pearl cobwebs in the windy rain, in only a flicker of wind, are caught and lost and never known again.
Those waves which come on a windy day, crested with foam.
Dust devils are little tornadoes that pop up in dry, windy places.
The forecast: hot and windy, same as yesterday, same as tomorrow.
He spent many afternoons on top of a windy knoll, contemplating the layered, pitted landscape geologists had described.
They even limit their trickery to windy conditions that disrupt their prey's ability to discern genuine vibrations from fake ones.
On a windy day, you might think the better of it and go for the pedestal with the widest base for you to position yourself upon.
Tests have shown that it can even handle windy conditions.
The windy areas where they want to set up these wind farms are remote, or out at sea.
If you have the right equipment and clothing, you can be comfortable no matter how cold and windy it gets.
Another way to measure how windy a spring was is to tabulate what percent of spring hours were winds above a certain threshold.

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