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The green metal hood scooted back, folding into a sharp crease near the windshield.
No, because the ash the ash is pulverized rock it can scratch up the windshield, too.
Which is why you should always put washer fluid in your windshield washer reservoir.
Windshield washer fluid is a brightly colored liquid made of methanol, a poisonous alcohol.
Others try pressing and pressing against the windshield without success.
It spread nearly a yard across the top of the taxi's windshield.
Also the car has backup lights and windshield washer from that period.
The driver made the mistake of turning on the wipers and then the whole windshield was covered in luminous bug guts.
Keas will tear windshield wipers from cars, shred unguarded clothing and backpacks and raid cabins.
The same day, another couple was driving a boat on the river when a sturgeon jumped up and smashed into the boat's windshield.
Watch for views of the peaks, an alpine watercolor framed by your windshield.
With the greenish, crystalline look of a pulverized windshield, ferrous sulfate is commonly given to iron-deficient humans.
They find their afterschool haunt in an abandoned garage where they scribble their names in the grime of an old windshield.
Then some big things landed on the car's hood and windshield, shattering it with a huge noise.
The windshield was repaired, but now there were problems with an oxygen valve.
Volunteers carried spark plugs and the windshield from country to country on the map until everything was in its place of origin.
She peers out the windshield from behind dark sunshades, her head barely clearing the steering wheel.
One setting even blends all the modes, balancing airflow among vents at the floor, dashboard and windshield simultaneously.
The device snaps into a light yet sturdy windshield mount that's better than many pricier models.
Drivers or pilots could see a vehicle's speed projected onto the windshield.
Worse, the windshield frame can block your view of streetlights.
The traffic clots, and the smeared windshield glows red with truck lights.
The din of windshield wipers, blenders, and vacuum cleaners was excruciating to him.
For a week they waited, scanning the horizon for a dust-tail or the glint of a windshield.
The source of their outrage was a pickup truck with a shattered windshield and blood-splattered interior.
It forms a line across the windshield, and makes immediate sense of the airplane's movements.
Maybe one day your car will have a windshield on which information pops up about shops, restaurants and landmarks as you drive by.
They rode, watching the snow curve in toward the lights, melting on the windshield before the wiper struck it.
She'd been so eager to go that she hadn't turned on the windshield wipers until she was halfway down the block.
Totaling your pickup not because the brakes failed but because you were trying to ride on the windshield.
The stars above the windshield seemed fixed in their places.
Windshield wipers are considered a distraction, and so are headlights.
Her rigged cars are identifiable only by their sunny yellow bumper stickers and windshield decals of birds.
Hot sunlight can't help but glint from a bumper and produce a faint reflection of the windshield on a garage door.
Such a display might be rolled up to fit in a pocket, or mounted on a car windshield to display information to the driver.
Buckley says the technology could work equally well on a forward-facing display such as a windshield.
He had improvised a windshield for the carrier to make the ride more comfortable for the dog.
They missed my engines, and they missed my windshield, but they did some serious damage to the airplane-to the tail primarily.
As he does, the remains of the duct-tape adhesive give way and the rear windshield falls away from the car.
The light through the windshield is wintry, high, and dull.
As they approached her building, a shaft of sunlight pierced the windshield, momentarily blinding her.
The darkening was from dirt that landed on the windshield and blocked the light.
While there, he remembers his windshield washer reservoir is empty and asks for a fill-up.
Also, if you dilute windshield washer fluid with water, use it up.
Windshield wiper solutions may contain methanol, detergent and water.
Each bus, truck and truck-tractor shall be equipped with a windshield.
Sound of tires screeching, a scream, and shattering windshield.

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