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The arched throat and the widely spaced cheekbones make room for a large, loosely slung windpipe.
Instead its long teeth would have pierced the animal's windpipe and carotid artery-killing it fairly quickly.
The vocal tract of the finch-and all other birds-consists of the beak and trachea, which is also known as a windpipe.
When heated, the hemoglobin releases its cargo, which then can be funneled into the swimmer's windpipe through a scuba mouthpiece.
Sometimes they will still be alive with holes in their windpipe instead of their jugular vein.
We had booked for two weeks, but five days into the holiday of a lifetime my windpipe began to close.
The neck position at the point of the cut can be determined by the fact that no blood flowed into her windpipe.
He could spare his windpipe and avoid a trap if he would say nothing.
A-Your thyroid is a small gland in the neck that fits around the esophagus and windpipe.
In principle, it's easy: all you need to do is slip a hollow plastic tube down the throat and into the windpipe, or trachea.
He delicately slides a breathing tube into his patient's windpipe so that a nurse can pump air into his lungs.
The fistula, which is the abnormal connection between the esophagus and windpipe, is closed off.
The pill, perhaps too large for his age, had lodged in his windpipe.
After traveling up the windpipe, the larva are swallowed.
The top end of the lower esophagus connects to the windpipe.
The surgeon makes an opening through the neck into the windpipe and inserts a tube.
The trachea, commonly called the windpipe, is the main airway to the lungs.

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War's a brain-spattering, windpipe-slitting art.... more
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