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From time to time a living torch would be seen crouched on a window sill and then leaping through the air.
As a rule, you think of the ego as one who is peering out of your own eyes as if leaning on a window sill, looking at the world.
Placing the plant on a window sill or in a hanging basket is not safe enough.
Openings generally have stone lintels, and stone string courses wrap the building at the window sill level.
Staff reported that each bedroom window sill height exceeded the maximum allowable sill height requirement.
Interior window sill means the portion of the horizontal window ledge that protrudes into the interior of the room.
Calculations showing the actual volume to the upper window sill or weir elevation of the control structure.
When you need to use the ladder, you hook the top portion of the ladder over the window sill and drop the rest out the window.
Find a window sill on which the two samples will fit with room to spare.
Higher end examples utilize a change in exterior material using the window sill as a breaking point.
He wants to climb onto the window sill for a better view.

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All that is necessary to do with this drink is to place it in an open saucer on the window sill and inhale ... more
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