window envelope in a sentence

Example sentences for window envelope

The address will be displayed appropriately in a left window envelope.
Address an envelope to the claimant and supply a window envelope for the representative's copy of the letter and decision.
The name and address information you provide here will be shown on the check and will be seen through the window envelope.
If mailed back to you, this is the address that will appear in the window envelope.
It will fold this form and put it in a window envelope if you do not give an email address or fax number.
No name match is required if the request is mailed in a window envelope.
W-2s can be mailed in the window envelope designed for mailing checks.
The client's name and address are entered in the window envelope box.
The request will be returned by the post office in a penalty window envelope.
When the statements are folded, the employee's name and address will show through a window envelope.
The mailing address is printed on the back of each voucher and fits in a standard window envelope.
The printed placement of the mailing address must allow for insertion in a window envelope.
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