window dressing in a sentence

Example sentences for window dressing

Colleges should also invite speakers who reflect diverse viewpoints-and not merely as academic window dressing.
But that's all window dressing if it can't make us care what happens to its characters.
And yet there was a context, and that context is not mere window dressing.
Now please find a subplot in which you play a role as something other than shrieking pastel window dressing.
They hire them for window dressing, especially in finance.
Not window dressing, but real respect and opportunities.
Finally, while posting your complaint online might catch a company's attention, the response is sometimes window dressing.
He had chosen her as window dressing for the mausoleum he runs, but her strength and grace have touched him.
Superconductivity here is mere window dressing on your basic idea.
They are lavish window dressing for the memorabilia, much of it expected.
Don't let your strategic plan gather dust or be a window dressing.
Some damages experts, in truth, are little more than high-priced window dressing.
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