window box in a sentence

Example sentences for window box

If you live in a city, you might have a window box or a pot of tomatoes on your balcony.
Soak three blocks of florist's foam in a bucket of water, then set them on plastic trays inside the window box.
Plant them in a window box with stock for twice the spice.
Even if the only green space you have at your home is a window box, you can still be a gardener.
Moldy rooms should be exhaust ventilated with large window box fans to dry out water absorbed into building surfaces.
Build the current chute by filling the bottom holes in the window box if there are any.
Bugs and fungus would grow in the wet pad or in the drainage under a window box.
The window box below will appear, asking you to confirm that you want to exit the course.
We had no refrigerator, only a window box to use in the winter.
Many of us will be planning and planting a vegetable or flower gardens or both, or even an herb garden in a balcony window box.
Most of us cannot even manage to grow more than a few window box herbs or a terrace garden of potted vegetables.
No refrigerator, only a window box to use in the winter.
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