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Window cleaner poisoning occurs when someone swallows or breathes in large amounts of window cleaner.
Restoring order to the chaotic blood vessels inside a tumor opens a window of opportunity for attacking it.
It faced a picture window flanked by two smaller opening windows.
Soak three blocks of florist's foam in a bucket of water, then set them on plastic trays inside the window box.
These and other hallucinations provide a window into the phenomenon of visual opponency.
It adds a two small buttons to the top of my browser window.
But in the early days of the uprising, the unrest provided a window of opportunity for looters.
Grow on a trellis, in window boxes or hanging baskets, or as ground cover.
In some inner-city neighborhoods, a thief will smash a window for a dime.
Observing the lives of strangers out the window is a staple of city life.
Now you should see the text that you saved in the file displayed in the same window as your command line.
Vt--a window of the tiny station featured a quaint and charming photo exhibit of great local train crashes.
Compare putting an open hand out the car window to a closed fist out the car window.
The others are looking at the ceiling or out the window.
Perhaps you're sitting at a desk, by a table, or near a window.
Each window has a five-position switch to control the level of dimming.
The window of opportunity to achieve sustainable development is closing.
It's a humble study, with an ironing board behind the door and a window overlooking the alley.
With a little prep time, you can make car bingo with pictures instead of words and have the kids looking out the window a lot.
It went out through a window on the opposite side of the house.
When the door is closed, its scale and shape blend with the window walls.
No more spoiled surprise about what is in each day's window.
Even more promising, experts say, is the window of opportunity for drug intervention.
We can look through the observation window in the side and see what's going on without disturbing the bees.
Out went the shutters, exposing the sleek steel-framed window and increasing the natural light.
Watch the procession from the restaurant's long picture window.
Selecting a chat in the right window displays the full conversation in the center screen.
Plants that tolerate low light are usually happiest near an east- or north-facing window.
He noticed that a back window on the ground floor was open and a plank was leaning against it.
He escaped by jumping out a second story window, but broke his ankle in the fall.
The guests began by reasoning that the room probably had a window.
We visited him a year later and he slept at the viewing window next to that vent he liked.
But an unexpected discovery gives us a rare window into how some dinosaurs courted.
Through a small window, it's possible to see its silhouette, hanging motionless from the metal rack inside.
Outside the window, a barbed-wire fence and jagged log wrapped in a chain dominate the landscape.
It also gave me a window on the future of e-readers.
Lastly, remember that in our economy such as ours, you really have a certain window to get an education.
We did use window insulation and it worked pretty well.
Put in a sunny window, and let stand twenty-four hours.
He began to have lustful thoughts and pulling down the shade of the window closed his eyes and turned his face to the wall.
She almost spoiled her new hat with her hitting it against the window in her crying.
The list may be given as a text file or it may be copy-pasted into the text window.
Each outlined box contains a thumbnail previewing its corresponding window to help you choose.
Fuel indicator window reminds you to refill before hiking into the wilderness.
It effectively amplifies the available light several thousand times, giving you a green-hued window into the night.
To write messages, you have to open a new window, which clutters your computer desktop.
Readers of the encyclopedia will gain a window seat on the voyage he and his colleagues pursue.
The latest craze in no-frills accommodation is for rooms without a view-or even a window.
Suddenly, stasis and convention were thrown out of the window.
He had a singular way of creating a mood with light and shadow, and he fills this painting with a glow from a window.
For people of an artistic bent, the catalyst is often a religious image which serves as a window into a new reality.
After rising through the air it stops to hover outside the window of a building several storeys high.
The only landscapes he noticed were window-views of houses and his own squalid gardens, full of buddleia, which he also painted.
The strengthened softwoods can be used in everything from window frames to spas to garden furniture.
The absurdity of this situation was highlighted by the way the discount window works.
It's supposed to be a window in development that defines the only period in which a thing can be learned.
Holding your arm out of the window of a moving car easily illustrates this phenomenon.
Panicked, you scramble to the only window in the room and try to open it.
As you struggle, you realize the old window is painted shut around all the edges.
The driver rolls down the window and presses a red button that instantly spews out a parking ticket.
If you have this sort of reaction it is usually helpful to stop reading and look out the window.
Some of the probes linked to the auditory cortex, providing the researchers with a detailed window into sound processing.
Synesthesia has opened up a window onto a broad expanse of the brain and perception.
The startled would-be suicide laughed and crawled back from his window ledge.
There was a small window of time each morning during which the consulate would address visa matters.
It is true that no one on either side of the studio's thick window expresses or even alludes to any of these objections.
The dishwater light trickles through the window and infects me with malaise.
One of his sons, however, was thrown out of a window and crippled for life.
We would test the new window designs without changing their positions on the body of the plane.
Back in the days of drive-ins, with the car window down to admit the croaking speaker, it was possible to notice the humidity.
Use the button in the upper right of your browser window.
Sunlight filled the kitchen from the big window behind the sink.
He sits in the room where they eat their breakfast, which has a long window open to the sea.
For added effect, try holding a barbecue grill out the window and turning it at various angles as you cruise.
The object of their gaze: a large aquarium, visible through a second-story apartment window.
From the office window, he pointed to the tennis court and lawns of the estate next door.
If he was sitting at the computer, he would have his back to the window and the road.
He'd left the kitchen door open and the window shut, and hoped the smell would wake her-she loved her grub.
Out the kitchen window there were flowering peach trees.
The merely blind have the window of their ears, the merely deaf listen through their eyes.
Crashing through a window, she barely escapes with her life.
Then someone spotted smoke billowing from a third-floor window.
Eventually, he opens his mouth and screams, then he shuts a window.
Don't forget to wave to your neighbors-they're watching you through the window you haven't bought curtains for yet.
Some folding chairs are tenuously roped to the car's side, and a fishing pole sticks out a window.
He would then gaze longingly out the window and walk away.
In another gallery all but a snaking ribbon of picture window has been covered in cow dung.
One area where fantasy is pivotal is in the retail world, specifically in window display.
He had chosen her as window dressing for the mausoleum he runs, but her strength and grace have touched him.
U-Factor measures the rate of heat transfer and tells you how well the window insulates.
The decal is placed on the rear window of the vehicle.
No matter what type you choose, the storm window frame must be hung square with the primary window and sealed to the opening.
So my parents got these bars on the window, and they tied me to them with a harness.
Trance, they've found, opens a window onto the nature of the imagination.
There is a window of less than a tenth of a second in which a stimulus from one sense can affect the others.
Horses, experimental subjects of the agriculture department, munch clover in the field outside his window.
As in having the effect of a brick through the window, or a round of mortar fire.
When firefighters arrived flames were shooting out of a window of one apartment.
Sitting by the window seems to play a role, because it makes people less likely to leave their seats, the guidelines say.
They didn't back into the playoffs, they sneaked in via a rear window.
And on the way home they flick their cigarette butts out of the car window.

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