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Example sentences for windmill

He lunges for a towel and staggers into the hallway as the ship's windmill-sized propeller spins out of the water.
Let them buy windmill power that produces huge amounts of unclean electricity into their homes.
Depending on the hight of the building, the updraft will turn the windmill and produce power.
He skirts the fact that each windmill actually uses only a small proportion of that land, permitting multiple use around it.
The reconstructed windmill is a unique interpretive element.
The town's historic windmill was heavily damaged as a result of fighting and has only recently been beautifully restored.
Landowners are concerned that illuminating every windmill in a farm could add annoying light pollution to remote areas.
The candles are too close to the wooden structure of the windmill, and can cause the product to catch on fire.

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The most foreign and picturesque structures on the Cape, to an inlander, not excepting the salt-works, are the win... more
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