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The lack of tree movement is easily handled by it being a windless night.
Choose a windless day to apply the herbicide, by mixing and spraying the product following the directions on the container.
Spot treatment must be used only on cool, windless days.
Choose a windless day and apply the herbicide, carefully mix the spray by following the directions on the container.
Surface velocity measurements should only be attempted on windless days to avoid wind-caused deflection of the floats.
These occur on sunny windless days in summer over croplands, forests and tropical jungles.
The lake is screened by heavy forest, and generally stays relatively windless and calm.
Clear, cold, windless weather with snow on the ground in all corners of the region brought hunters to the field.
They had to extend their launching rail so they could take off on a windless day.
After the models have been made, fly them outside on a windless day.
There was extreme exposure to other buildings in the village, helped by a windless evening, all were protected.
Flights were conducted during the winter season when clear, windless, and calm conditions persisted.
On a quiet, windless night, this call can travel over a mile.
Applying sprays on windless days would also be helpful, but such weather can't be predicted.
The body typically cools itself by increasing surface blood flow, or relying mainly on evaporation on a windless day.
When the sun hits it at the right angle on a windless day, clear water melts down in rivulets, gathering in streams at its sides.
Foggy and virtually windless conditions this morning provided some good birding with interesting results.
Use the float method on windless days to avoid wind-caused deflection of the floats.
The hydroelectric power from dams can also back up the wind farms on windless days.
Loading and unloading of filters from the sample cartridges should be performed in a clean, windless, dust free environment.

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