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So the hefty fellows usually wind up playing character roles.
Now, however, some managers are likely to wind up in jail for paying themselves money that belonged to ordinary shareholders.
Bags that wind up at sea can absorb toxic chemicals, making them even more harmful to the wildlife around them.
They've all but claimed he's going to wind up with a pointy hood over his head.
But it might wind up getting sold again in the none-too-distant future.
Wildflowers scatter the valley floor and trails wind up to the ridgeline.
Every author gathers more information about a topic than can, or should, wind up between the covers.
One or both partners often wind up altering their career plans for the team.
Some of my colleagues allow students to address them by their first name, and consequently wind up in dangerous situations.
With a discussion, you may wind up with each student telling you their opinion on how you should handle the notes.
Some even require hospitalization or wind up with kidney failure.
Most pacemakers removed before burial or cremations wind up in storage at funeral homes.
It could also be that people with similar educational backgrounds wind up side by side in the workplace.
So you wind up with super creative, yet practical, ideas.
If you fall through the ring, you could wind up backwards in time or perhaps on another universe.
Where did this technology wind up and could this method be used to power autos and other electrically powered transportation.
And they not only wind up losing the farm, but crashing the whole economy with it.
Mice that are missing this pruning protein wind up with disorganized, abnormal retinas.
Unless, of course, you pay for a full day of skiing but wind up in the lodge by noon soaked with rain.
For example, perhaps they have heard about bears who wind up in backyards or garbage bins in mountain communities.
She notes that many cicada recipes call for a lot of spices and sauce, which usually wind up being the dominant flavors.
Bags that wind up in the ocean are deadly hazards for sea turtles and other fish, who mistake them for jellyfish.
He'll wind up back in prison and this time he may spend several years in there.
Testing them all could wind up costing tens of millions of dollars.
Follow them, and you wind up in an unused garage, where they join their driver husbands or boyfriends for pre-race prayer.
If she entertained doubts about whether she belonged here, she'd wind up back in bed, paralyzed by those doubts.
We'd wind up with only a few mouthfuls after a couple of hours' work, but it seemed worth the effort.
He hinted here and there that it was actually the large bureaucratic overlay that was going to wind up being obsolete.
These are often poorly written, kept intentionally vague, and wind up not actually addressing the stated intent of the contracts.
Anything that's genuinely valuable and also given away for free is going to wind up overconsumed.
With a one-way model, too many could wind up in one location.
And after all that, you don't even wind up with anything all that useful.
Drugs that alleviate symptoms of mental illness in mice often wind up producing human treatments.
In some regions, metabolic rates even wind up being considerably higher than when someone is awake.
Sometimes these prominences collapse back down to the surface, and sometimes they wind up ejecting that material into space.
As it turns out, if you make a two-dimensional outline of the six-dimensional flag manifold, you wind up with a hexagon.
Even with all that, she would wind up in the hospital several times a year with infections that required intravenous antibiotics.
Wind up in animal-rights nonprofits, toiling for years as a glorified copy editor of press releases that no one reads.
Someone actually could wind up reading your obituary.
Though in bed with another cast member does she wind up.
But really, by the time you pay people's expenses and taxes, you don't wind up raising that much.
If you're a hacker that shows talent, you could wind up being pressured to get involved in this sort of thing.
Because when a puppeteer gets sick, the characters wind up getting sick as well.
But let's face it--these days, half of all marriages wind up in divorce.
W hen you grew up in a land of swimming pools and movie stars, you were apt to wind up swimming with stars.
There, she'd invariably announce, was where she wanted to wind up.
We begin as babes in the woods and wind up wise old night owls.
But from the beginning, he almost certainly had to wind up there.
Somehow, though, all attempts to make categorical statements regarding the blues wind up seeming reductive.
Many of those who can't stay home or go to work with a parent wind up with a helpful friend or relative.
Granted, it might wind up being a happy day for basketball fans.
But the supposedly luckier kids, spared a demanding relationship with reality, are also liable to wind up morally undeveloped.
People who drink heavily often wind up doing things they really didn't want to do.

Famous quotes containing the word wind up

The angels all were singing out of tune, And hoarse with having little else to do, Excepting to wind up the... more
The angels were all singing out of tune, And hoarse with having little else to do, Excepting to wind up the... more
Those who refuse to play second fiddle may wind up playing no fiddle at all.... more
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