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So in spite of computational euphoria, wind tunnel testing is still important.
Frankly, it never would have occurred to me to test flying squirrels in a wind tunnel.
It's not too difficult to train people to get good lift over drag positions in a wind tunnel.
The scientists brought ski jumpers to a wind tunnel.
To determine which wing shapes worked best, they tested models in a homemade wind tunnel.
As a final step, the researchers held feathers in a wind tunnel while filming with a high-speed camera.
Scientists filmed maple seeds as they wafted through a smoke-filled wind tunnel.
In a wind tunnel it is the surrounding medium that is moving.
Computer simulations are limited in their power to predict unless dealing with limited domains eg objects in a wind tunnel.
One gets the sense of operating in this wind tunnel of hatred.
They began with kites and gliders, built their own wind tunnel and even recalculated long-accepted physics equations.
Anyone who goes to report on a hurricane needs to be strapped down in a wind tunnel and experience high winds.
But no, again, the design cues come from the wind tunnel.
Perhaps you have spoken with somebody who seemed to be phoning from a wind tunnel.
We do not own a wind tunnel or capable of creating the changes in atmosphere and wind speed which is required.
Indoor skydiving involves a vertical wind tunnel that suspends you in air and mimics the feeling of skydiving.
Indoor skydiving relies on wind tunnel technology to simulate the experience of free-falling, the first part of all skydives.
To go indoor skydiving, find a vertical wind tunnel.
Now, the alternatives can be produced fast and easily and go right into the wind tunnel.
In indoor skydiving, divers float in a wind tunnel whose speed mimics the characteristics of a traditional jump.
Exhibits include an electricity and wind tunnel where you can fly model airplanes.
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