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He's too far to the right to win the general election.
Suing libraries and universities is not a move calculated to win public affection.
By the end of the summer, their new racks are fully grown, ready for sparring in order to win mates.
If you can pay for the program without going further into debt, that would be a win.
But fundamentally worthy policies shouldn't need to promise laughably overoptimistic outcomes to win support.
Kids always seem to win if there is a tie over a roll.
He did not win his mandate as prime minister at the polls.
So the good traits win over time, even though they are few of them.
Hundreds of people have tried to win this prize, all have failed when tested using a properly controlled scientific method.
But what he found more enticing was a chance to win money.
When you win the lottery, no one's asking you to justify it.
It seems it would be a win win for both geothermal and lithium batteries in this country.
Every successful scientist knows that scientists need to sell themselves to get jobs and win grants.
Tuskless males will also be less likely to mate because tusk-bearing males will fight them and win.
Its a win win plan as lots of oil would be used in creating the pipe for the project not to mention the plastic covering.
Or they'll believe more fervently that they got a slot machine that had simply gone cold, offering them no chance to win.
The proposed increase is considered a win for the agency as other programmes throughout the government face serious cuts.
It's a fun sport for sure, trying to guess which picture will win, but there are skeptics about the meaning of it all.
But hurdles are opportunities for the enterprising and the race is on to win the renewable energy sweepstakes.
Thought it should be kicking into full steam by now with its great win-win-win logic and prior success.
From my perspective, it seems to be a win-win for both parties involved.
Those sold on tabletop tablets say they're a win-win.
Experts agree that he will want to win in the first round to preserve his aura of invincibility.
Under the old plans, you maximised your seats by drawing up districts which you would win narrowly.
Interaction, not algebra, is the best way to win support for a new strategy.
And findings are further boiled down in an attempt to win media coverage.
When opponents of a game are equally matched, the team dressed in red is more likely to win, according to a new study.
Send us your photos in any of the six categories for your chance to win.
He will have to fight another silverback, and win, in order to claim a family.
Having fingers in many pies is important because if you go after enough grants you will usually win one, and grants beget grants.
He says he doesn't believe that his membership helped his construction company win any contracts.
In academe, the game of how to win friends and influence people is serious business.
In the booming world of online poker, anyone can win.
One farmer is about to win a once-in-a-lifetime lottery.
The tourists are coming, as well as restaurants that cater to them, and chefs eager to win stars.
In the coming mobile revolution, the company with the best machines will win.
Alternatively, teams who do poorly also win new fans.
Traditional rock bands rarely win record of the year.
They want to play as long as possible with their stake, and maybe even win.
Find the enemy and win the firefight is a good philosophy for infectious diseases as it is for war.
In the relatively rare instances when he is in a tight race, he tends to win that, too.
The problem is not division but partisanship-advantage-seeking by private clubs whose central goal is to win political power.
It's a new idea, but a double-headed news feed seems too complex for a product that desperately needs to win users.
It's a win for the environment and a win for the economy.
It was a publicity stunt and there was no chance the humans would win.
Maybe you got a chance to answer some trivia questions about the football teams you were watching and win a prize.
Discarding another heart allows the heart on the board to win as a spade is discarded.
The primary purpose of reasoning isn't to figure out what's true but to win arguments.
After all, it does win money for museums and field research.
He had all the physical tools, as well as tremendous leadership abilities and a fierce determination to win.
Another factor of the granny shot also helps a free throw win cheers rather than jeers: a backward spin added to the ball.
The more they squeezed, the more money they would win.
The ultimate goal is to win, so the incentive to grab a better player should be offset by the incentive to win games.
If she did, and the program indexed it anyway, then she should win.
Its a win win for communities who have been destroyed by drug trafficking.
The goal of the game was to win as much of the imaginary money as possible.
But to make things somewhat science-y, let's use equations to judge who will win.
However diligent the authorities' chase against the clock, the clock will win.
It's a no-win situation that's made even worse when the lyrics are unintelligible, the voice a shriek embedded in noise.
They'd win without having to ante up to get in on the action.
She felt almost compelled to win as many prizes as possible, as a mark of distinction.
Of course, it's easy-really easy-to make fun of someone who wears a necklace announcing the awards he plans to win.
My guess is that his single biggest reason for wanting to win was to avoid having people offer condolences for not winning.
For starters, that they could simply win something, but also that they could dance.
He believes that he is using his business head to make money and that if he has a good business head he will win.
There is only one possible outcome: life can't win against the last enemy.
His instinct is to command support rather than to win it.
The purpose of the debate was not to win but to educate.
However, someone has to win and remain imprisoned in the illusion of glory.

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