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He has nevertheless been a clever, strong and wily leader.
The dEcor is trendy and clever, but the food doesn't hide behind wily frills.
The culprit may very well be something I ate or some wily virus.
He's also a wily, dedicated professional who takes no prisoners.
Electrons are wily particles that, according to the laws of quantum mechanics, just can't be pinned down.
Today, technology of the great old game of football is not so much a matter of sneaky formations, wily plays or brute strength.
This is a short-term business, one that rewards the young and the wily.
Ike, suspicious of the wily dictator, reluctantly agreed.
Wily and skittish, they bolt at the sight of humans.
Rather the problem rests with those wily animals that have adapted to life in suburban and even urban environments.
For instance, the writer describes adaptations as wily ways, and a plant that uses camouflage is a fabulous faker.
These beautiful birds are wily in the wild and much sought after by game hunters.
If honey badgers' wily ways have piqued your interest, you can learn more about other badgers here.
The two-to-five contingent are a wild and wily folk, changing whims and wants at a moment's notice.
Stat is not a wily player who knows how to use his weight and position.
These are the wily crackpots we're dealing with down here.
One doesn't usually encounter senior citizens who are quite so wily and elusive.
There is no reason to doubt this, even as wily politicians try to claim higher ground.
With his eyes darting quickly in every direction and his masterful steers and last-minute veers, he reminds me of a wily old rat.
To the first group he is the wily builder of a global media empire, the maker and breaker of political careers.
To turn celebrity into cash you have to be wily, or well-advised.
Nonetheless, the wily prime minister emerged the winner.
The wily driver ought always to plump for the path which minimises the chances of arriving late.
Nevertheless, he is a wily operator, with long experience in handling sensitive political cases.
Still, gamblers and those who service them are a wily lot and are by definition risk takers.

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