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There they willingly feed it regurgitated liquids mouth to mouth, a diet it supplements by eating the ants' brood.
Each culture in the world has borrowed attributes from other cultures whether knowingly or not, willingly or not.
It sounded a bit mad, the idea of a bird having lessons to practice, and willingly doing it.
She did this, but it was easy to see that she did not do it willingly.
But when not ovulating, females mate willingly with unadorned males and those past their prime, the scientists discovered.
Brave explorers willingly go on dangerous expeditions.
But few who had tasted life there willingly gave it up.
No one leaves willingly-everyone is eventually defeated or dies in office.
Sad that you would willingly deny people access to life saving medicine because of your own personal prejudices.
But technologies at the forefront take time to build and develop, and nature rarely reveals its secrets willingly.
Many will willingly remain blind in order to keep believing they have not, regardless of the truth.
The ocean freight companies have willingly complied.
It frightens me that somehow there are people who willingly read about science but do not or cannot actually understand it.
They did so willingly to expand towards the leading edge of information and networking.
Yet, governments are all too willingly engaged it taking over the booties found by others with meager justifications at hand.
Vampire bats, for instance, willingly feed other bats who have not managed to get enough to eat that day.
Most departments will never willingly provide that information because it is radically against their interest to do so.
As for collections, they seem to send out bulk inquiries to panels a little too willingly.
Willingly blinding oneself mocks the entire purpose of higher education.
Given the high percentage of military students, it may be the only org that willingly accepts the degrees.
In their case, they'd willingly invited barbarians inside their borders to help them fight off newer waves of hordes.
What's sadder is the fact that educated people willingly do it.
Let those with the means to do so, willingly contribute their wealth where and when they choose.
Science and technology have fallen willingly under the dominion of money and power.
In other words, these are dictatorships he thinks you'll willingly pay a premium to live in.
When it benefits them, chimpanzees willingly work together.
Then, as their confidence grew, they willingly voided their warranty or user agreement.
One dream project he willingly talks about is his desire to incorporate unfolding inventions into architecture.
They have to be encouraged to ride the airplane willingly, as they would a horse, to think as it thinks.
Some older workers might not be exiting the workforce willingly.
That's the number organizers believe will walk willingly into the operating theater.
One would presume that entrepreneurs and those who extend them credit understand the risks and take them on willingly.
It is they who do the political thinking, and whose ideas are willingly followed and supported by the less educated.
These involve people who willingly allow their home to go into foreclosure, even though they can afford to continue paying.
She is dying until she goes into my picture with me, goes in strong, goes in willingly.
None of the onlookers needs to be here, but none would have willingly stayed away.
Who has willingly suffered the derision of conventional minds for the choices he has made.
Before, you would not willingly have a lobbyist to a party.
He might even willingly-given his dystopian personality-take the fall.
They understood what was required of them, and they willingly volunteered for their duty.
Since no big-time coach willingly yields or fails to pursue an edge, cheating naturally inheres in big-time college sport.
They willingly risked their lives to accomplish wonderful things.
On the other hand, his team did follow the evidence and willingly or unwillingly, he presented the results.
Here's an example of what can happen when you do take your clothes off willingly but your equipment lets you down.
Without such a warranty, many people would never willingly accept them at their face value from a stranger.
And there are those who know that people will not ever willingly pay the price demanded, and so must be given no choice.
Capuchins hunt squirrels as a team and once food is found, they willingly share it out among the group.
Humans are so subtly complex in their beliefs that they can willingly hold two mutually exclusive concepts as being equally true.
In some cases, airlines willingly agree to give way to rivals with which they aggressively compete.
She does it well and willingly, so you know she's a shoo-in.
He turned willingly from art to life, for which his character and his studies alike fitted him.
Then they willingly received him into the ship: and immediately the ship was at the land whither they went.
The supposed aboriginal stocks must all have been rock pigeons, that is, they did not breed or willingly perch on trees.
She did this, but it was easy to see that she did not do it willingly.
They responded willingly, in proportion to their means.
He complied willingly, thinking that his faults would thus be better pointed out to him.
He was patient with his visitors' questions, however naive, and willingly posed for photographs.
And people will willingly buy counterfeit goods, knowing they are knock-offs, if they bear the right label.
But if they willingly enter into an agreement with another party, the state has no business in regulating that.
He willingly subsidised local public services that were short of cash.
But he officiates willingly, feeling that this is his biggest chance to meet people who are mostly unchurched.
Perhaps he does underplay how far simplification and prejudice are willingly embraced rather than imposed.
Merchants will more willingly accept a card if lots of consumers use it.
Students enter into the arrangement willingly and are fully aware of what they're getting into.
Similarly, a lawyer can be disbarred for willingly failing to protect interests of his clients.
Some firms have embraced succession planning more willingly than others.
Nobody knows whether the fat guy went off willingly or not.
We willingly take responsibility for our actions and outcomes.
They willingly explore these differences as they mature.
They also were deeply patriotic and willingly served in all of our nation's wars.
By the time the dog is on a real search, he is looking willingly for trapped people.
Student must leave parent willingly and be able follow directions of the instructor and function well in a group.
We are the first link in the chain between the public and safety services and willingly accept that responsibility.
We willingly share our knowledge, experience and insights.
No one willingly chooses to live their life the way the writer describes.
They more than willingly explain any of the dishes on the menu.
She gave of herself willingly, attested by her many loyal friends from whom she took great comfort and joy.
He willingly tells voters about his policies and how they will affect such individuals.
So he willingly traded small pay raises for deferred compensation in the form of pensions and retirement health care.

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