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For that reason, you're not likely to find a museum that has good collections but willfully refuses to display them.
To ignore this fact is to be purely and willfully ignorant.
Clearly there is a different systemic effect happening here that they are not noticing or willfully ignoring.
Past concepts of community and families have been willfully disrupted by individual moves for economic gain.
If you are willfully ignorant then no amount of evidence is going to convince you.
It boggles the mind as to how so many people willfully wear their ignorance proudly.
The graphic was willfully misrepresenting its alleged sources.
Pretending otherwise requires willfully misleading the public.
In order to call something push, the publisher has to willfully send it to the user.
Nobody concerned willfully inflicted injuries on anybody else.
Fueled by speed, its denizens willfully extinguished their inner lives with pharmaceuticals and put their fantasies on exhibition.
Three decades later, the high expectations of the early seventies seem almost willfully naïve.
We happily eat chicken nuggets, willfully forgetting that they are a meat product derived from formerly living birds.
The eyes are willfully closed and there is no point in arguing.
There are times and places when you must be blunt to the willfully ignorant and uneducated.
All of this shows why it doesn't pay to remain willfully ignorant on this science.
But that is beside the point of whether he deliberately, willfully said something that he knew was false in this particular case.
It's not even that she's yet again willfully demonstrating her own ignorance.
It all depends: some people are simply misinformed, while others willfully misinform themselves.
Opposing the willfully ignorant could turn into a full time job, even if you limit your involvement to the arena of science.
Another corpulent cretinous centipede who either does not understand how science is done or willfully neglects it.
Anybody who willfully drives that route during a known high traffic period has no right to complain about anything.
In so doing, the defendant willfully entered into a scheme to defraud.
Later he would claim that he did it willfully, simply for existential kicks.
For tech enthusiasts, the notion of millions of people willfully using a decade-old piece of software is baffling.
Also be wary of people who are so insistent about avoiding a conflict that they willfully deny genuine threats.
They willfully abrogate their freedom by not publishing important information today.

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