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It seems to require willful blindness to what's actually happening in technology.
What's not okay with me is if humans die out in a fog of denial and willful ignorance.
Their behavior reinforces the stereotype of the church as a stodgy organization steeped in willful ignorance and petulance.
They're not preaching fundamentals, they're preaching willful ignorance.
Regulators, prosecutors and journalists tend to focus on corruption caused by willful actions or ignorance.
People with wondering minds completed significantly more anagrams than did those with willful minds.
But it represents a willful impulse to shake up the game.
No amount of aid or cooperation will alter this nation's willful self-delusion.
In a fair society, everyone gets what they deserve based on their willful choices.
One day, they will understand the callousness and bitterness and willful ignorance they currently represent.
If the last six millennia of written history is anything to go by, to expect anything else would be willful ignorance.
If nothing else, let this reconcile parents to their willful toddlers.
The dorsolateral section is thought to be the engine of memory suppression, a type of willful forgetting.
The willful distortion of reality to extremes can be harmful.
It is willful ignorance, yes willful, and fear of change that leads people to grasp at the straws that maybe it isn't so bad.
Redemption by a strong hand pleases our willful philanthropy.
What had made the scam surprising was the shocking mediocrity of the pictures and the almost willful self-delusion of the buyers.
They are not the products of willful deception by researchers intent on violating the fundamental norms of scientific research.
The same ideological arrogance and willful ignorance that drove the invasion informed the crucial early months of the occupation.
Elsewhere he is permitted to stop up his ears and sink into willful ignorance.
Their results suggest that the frontal cortex is responsible for willful attention and the parietal cortex for automatic.
Indeed, the root of the penguin's comic genius-his method-is his deadpan absurdity, his willful earnestness.
It compounded the offense by revealing how willful it had been.
By the way the origin in the willful action of an intelligent agent lie outside the natural laws of our universe.
Even peer-reviewed journals are plagued with willful ignorance and glaring bias.
But willful ignorance is no excuse for uninformed skepticism.
Willful ignorance, that's what this is, from our modern elite.
Sometimes, you run out of patience for the willful ignorance that you encounter.
Anyone with a strong father figure in their life can think back to their days of willful ignorance.
But it decided that one of the three patents was invalid and that the infringement was not willful.
If you aim for novelty, you're taken to task for willful iconoclasm or studied mannerism.
It is a willful disrespect of the law, identical to how our people obey speed limits.
The lack-wit displayed in his proposals can only be the result of willful ignorance.
One willful health violation is for the lack of proper chemical hazard communication and training.
As a result of these conditions, the company was cited for the two willful violations.
Two willful violations include failing to have adequate machine and point of operation guarding on the mechanical power press.
One willful violation addresses employee exposure to unstable and unsafe vehicle lifts.

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