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Example sentences for willed

By thinking about his family, he finally willed himself to get on his feet and stagger into my tent at high camp.
They are strong willed and every once in awhile have to be reminded who is the leader.
Yet no one in his right mind believes that what is wished is as real as what is willed.
There was, instead, the beginning of a kind of willed forgetfulness of the horror of those years.
He was reluctant to share power, fearing rather than embracing strong-willed colleagues.
He either didn't vet his nominees for prime minister or has willed the current war with parliament.
The presidents who willed many of these projects into existence were often cavalier about their legality.
But those contributions have to be separately willed.
Gamble creates value as much as a free willed market place.
Presidents typically say they want to be surrounded by strong-willed people who have the courage to disagree with them.
He stood on the mound as a strong-willed life preserver, impervious to the heat of the night.
The implication that only weak-minded and weak-willed people need medication for their mental problems is unfair and untrue.
It is the way of quietism, of willed obscurity, of inner emigration.
Taking him seriously, as he should be taken, requires a willed suspension of incredulity.
Studies have shown physicians stereotype obese patients as lazy, ugly, weak-willed and sloppy.
Because his only experience in basketball had been as a pickup player, he willed himself to become a coach.
His view was clear: only the weak-willed and pantywaist could not sell in a difficult market.
As they imagined themselves back in the world, they willed a happy ending onto their ordeal and made it their expectation.
Characteristically, he believes he willed his own recovery, about which he sometimes sounds almost regretful.
Land willed to a qualified organization will not be subjected to estate or inheritance taxes.
Gifts, money, or other property you inherit or that was willed to you.
It is not a condition that can be willed or wished away.
It's important to remember that mental health disorders are real medical illnesses that can't be willed or wished away.
Strong willed, was not flexible in meeting changing situations.
Describe a time when you've had to work with strong-willed peers.
He willed large sums of money to educational and religious organizations, including money for a new city library.
It is not a sign of personal weakness or a condition that can be willed or wished away.
The creatures were too strong willed, and resisted heavy loads, so they retired to other pastures.
While these disorders are real diseases that cannot be willed or wished away, they are often treatable.

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