wile in a sentence

Example sentences for wile

The wile of deceased testified that her husband had been of intemperate habits for some years and had neglected his business.
The committee enables everyday people to do something worth wile and be rewarded for it.
So that it is impossible with that crafty wile and subtle train to turn anything to better.
Another benefit of not using voice commands is that you can scroll or zoom wile talking to other members of your squad.

Famous quotes containing the word wile

Even innocence itself has many a wile, And will not dare to trust itself with truth, And love is taught hyp... more
on a Saterday This carpenter was goon til Oseney, And hende Nicholas and Alisoun Accorded been to this conclusioun, That... more
Dost thou ask what I mean by emancipation?... 1. It is "to reject with indignation, the wile and guilty pha... more
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