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Many of the wildlife species in the park were severely depleted.
As recommended in my book, what is truly needed is a comprehensive program of risk management of bird and wildlife strikes.
As more oil threatens coastal wildlife, the impact is being felt, visually.
Fishermen, farmers, and wildlife have been enduring hardships for months now.
And, despite increasing urbanization throughout the world, people and wildlife are sharing more infections.
Orangutans are also killed for the illegal wildlife trade.
Wildlife officials recommend that anyone who catches the river's fish toss them back uneaten, and swimming has been banned.
Each of these environmental encroachments affects the survival and behavior of local wildlife.
They filter water, provide habitat for wildlife and offer opportunities for recreation.
But any of the benefits to the markets would surely be diminished by the cost to the ecosystem, wildlife and tourism.
Wildlife biologists remove problem crocodiles from populated areas.
Despite harsh, semi-arid conditions, native wildlife has adapted to the environmental constraints present in the region.
With cars and motorcycles banned, it's now the province of hikers, mountain bikers and wildlife.
The clock also determines the season, helping wildlife know to migrate in the fall or breed in the spring.
They are fascinating examples of detailed scientific and wildlife art that could inspire future scientists.
Digital motion-detection cameras capture elusive wildlife.
The melting glaciers could push wildlife out of the area.
One couple's tour company combines wildlife watching-with research.
Wildlife thrives in these areas, and tourists come to see the wildlife.
Perhaps the centerpiece of many ecotourism packages is wildlife photography.
Here you can ride through rainforests or cloud forests, seeing spectacular wildlife.
Form a log pile-dead wood provides a habitat for many kinds of wildlife, such as snakes and ground beetles.
Thatcher's beautiful wildlife photographs cover many of the walls.
Wildlife biologists seem to have a better handle on the fungus that's decimating bat populations.
Cacti must be mowed down and local wildlife displaced to make room for the giant mirrors that will essentially carpet the desert.
They also need to think ahead by tracking prices, as well as volumes, of all wildlife species at risk.
What is likely is that a changing distribution of risk will increase fire's impact on both humanity and wildlife.
When wildlife cannot be traded, it loses its value and thus the incentive for people to conserve it.
But when a large amount of oil is released in a single place it causes direct hazards for marine wildlife.
Microwave communications links are already used in the telecoms industry without doing any harm to wildlife.
Perhaps people should not be imprisoned for smuggling wildlife, but that is a different argument.
Watch for wildlife, especially birds heading south for the winter.
King penguins are supposed to be a wildlife success story.
Wildlife rangers have been armed with chemical sprays, pellet guns and slingshots.
Biologists note the astonishing abundance and variety of the continent's wildlife.
There's also the risk that some of the remaining wildlife will become slathered with the re-emergent oil, and die.
When the forests disappear, all that wildlife disappears as well.
The rest contravene local wildlife-protection laws that forbid swiftlet farms in urban areas.
Lists the types and descriptions of native birds and other wildlife in the state.

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