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Recently renovated with new exhibits, the visitor center is your best source for wildflower updates.
Now the dreams are of a wilder hue: charcoal-gray peaks, white-water kayak runs, and the wildflower-strewed paths of history.
Both place visitors in the heart of the high country, amid jagged peaks and wildflower meadows.
Though the saguaro may be the park's centerpiece, after wet winters the spring wildflower display can be breathtaking.
In some years spring rains trigger wildflower blooms amid more than a thousand varieties of plants.
Spring regularly brings spectacular wildflower displays to some of the park's landscapes.
Late spring and early autumn are best for wildflower enthusiasts.
Road cyclists head northwest to the wildflower-flecked hills.
Visitors also get to see wildflower filled countryside dotted with farm producing aromatic herbs and produce.
Families and groups can enjoy attractions, such as the wildflower walk and animal exhibits.
Visitors see wildflower-covered alpine meadows, sweeping glaciers and spectacular mountain forests.
They live off body fat built up from wildflower nectar.
Get creative by adding decorations, or wildflower seeds to make paper that will grow in the spring.

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