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Help protect your home from wildfire by creating a fire-safe landscape.
If such systems could predict how a wildfire was likely to behave, that would be even better.
It may help bolster right-wingers now, but it's playing with wildfire.
Wildfire season has gotten an early start this year.
For the record, our timber-management plan will effectively reduce the potential of a serious wildfire.
But intense population growth and development patterns have increased the danger of wildfire in several ways.
Wars, trade and the wildfire ideologies of nationalism and communism shook the region while knitting together its parts.
Wildfire-an ancient lord of the wilderness-can create life as well as destroy it.
Smokejumpers are the troubleshooters of wildfire-fighting efforts.
Inhaling smoke on the fire line is part of the job, but researchers are now looking closer at the effects of wildfire smoke.
In breeding areas, vegetation used to be kept in a state of succession by wildfire.
Satellites supply wildfire data six times a day, and deforestation data once a month.
Learn what to do before, during and after a wildfire.
Wildfire is an unplanned wildland fire, either natural or human-caused.
The spring and summer were particularly active wildfire periods, while the fall season was quieter than average.
Meanwhile the rest of the country experienced near- to above-normal precipitation, limiting wildfire growth.
During a wildfire or other emergency, have an evacuation plan to keep safe.

Famous quotes containing the word wildfire

There is a grandeur in the uniformity of the mass. When a fashion, a dance, a song, a slogan or a joke sweeps like more
The news spread like wildfire among us youths, when formerly, once in a year or two, one of these boats cam... more
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